Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 5th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Mahi prevents Harman from going out. Harman requests that her move from her way. Mahi says you don’t acknowledge me as your better half, however I see you as my significant other and can’t see you in this condition. She says you had concurred for marriage then for what reason would you say you are doing this? She requests that he leave drinking else something will happen to her. Harman apologizes to her and says our marriage is my misstep, yet you don’t have to stress. He goes to Harak Singh and tells that there is no assurance of his life so move all property on his better half’s Mahi name with the goal that she don’t have any issue after his demise. Mahi says I don’t need anything aside from you. Harman says I can’t give you, my heart, body and soul all things considered of Soumya. He asks Harak Singh to make property papers. Preeto says what he is discussing? Harak Singh says he will get my age and everybody’s age. Shanno says for what reason to give my life for him and says she will see their destroyal. Harman converses with the stars and says he is coming there soon. He says give me a spot from where I can see Gulabo’s home. He says my Gulabo preferences stars and she couldn’t prevent herself from seeing me. Soumya supposes I need to stop myself, on the off chance that I return, at that point Mahi’s life will be demolished. She says we will snicker at one another white hairs and this will happen when you acknowledge Mahi.

Milkman comes to Harak Singh’s home and says Harman took his cycle and went. He says he will sit tight for his cycle here. Bansal gets some information about her feet. Rohan asks Soumya to move in the capacity. Vedant says I will choose the melody. Mahi calls Soumya and tells that Harman said that he won’t drink when you are with him and says he went to get wine in the first part of the day. She requests that her accomplish something. Soumya thinks how to go there. Vedant comes to room and takes out the Bluetooth and says I will hear you regardless of whether you talk in this room. He says you are playing game with me, in the event that you can’t turn into mine, at that point you can’t happen to Harman. He keeps the Bluetooth in her satchel. He discloses to Bansal that he is going for significant work and will come in night. Soumya thinks to proceed to meet Harman.

Milk man gets stressed for his cycle. Harman brings his cycle back and requests that he quit selling milk and sell wine, says he will purchase the greater part. He supposes even Soumya needs me to drink else she would have been with me. Harak Singh comes to him. Harman says I need to rest for long time with the goal that I don’t feel any torment. He yells and says I will drink wine until Soumya comes and once she gets back home, I will stop. Veeran asks Harak Singh to accomplish something. Harak Singh says what to do, he is the main child. Shanno says he is extremely obstinate. Soumya comes there. Everybody take a gander at her. Tu hello there mera khuda plays… …

Soumya is going to Harman’s room. Harman feels her essence and opens the entryway just before she thumps on the entryway. She gets inside the room. Mahi looks on. Soumya says when you have picked me then why this container is here. Harman says I pick you and put a condition that I won’t drink on the off chance that you are infront of me. Soumya says I can’t come here. Harman says you are somebody’s significant other and came to spared more abnormal’s man. Mahi reveals to Preeto that she is finished lady and Soumya is fragmented, however Harman cherishes her. She says she is upbeat and miserable to see her in her live with her significant other as she can just spare Harman. Harman reveals to Soumya that the wine causes him to overlook all stresses and make up for her nonappearance. He says I overlook everything. He twirls and tumbles down. Soumya yells Harman ji. Preeto and others come there and get stunned to see him blacked out. Vedant returns home and discloses to Rekha that he came right on time as his work was finished. He supposes to catch Soumya in the act.

Harman asks Soumya to open his eyes. Harak Singh asks Veeran to call the specialist. Harman opens his eyes. Soumya says it is sufficient and asks Harman to take a gander at his family whom he is slaughtering each minute for her hardheadedness. Harman says I have left my obstinacy to get my Soumya. Soumya asks him not to drink wine. Harman requests that her guarantee that she will come every day to meet him. Soumya guarantees to meet him every day. Harman asks what doctored state that how long are left. Shanno says 3 months. Harman says now my life is in your grasp, I have simple approach to chop down the 3 months by drinking wine. Soumya says I will attempt completely to come and meet you. Shanno says she is somebody’s significant other, it won’t be anything but difficult to come and meet you. Harman requests that her return home and says he don’t need vedant to show directly on her. He says in the event that you don’t come and meet me every day, at that point wine jug will draw close to me. Soumya goes. Shanno grins. Harak Singh reveals to Preeto that he is as yet alive and not dead. Preeto cries.

Soumya gets back home. Vedant asks from where she is coming? Soumya says she went to get powder for Soham. He gets her tote and takes out the Bluetooth gadget. He plays Soumya and Harman’s discussion. Soumya is stunned.

Precap: Vedant asks Soumya to stroll on the glass pieces if her adoration is gutsy. Soumya strolls on the glass pieces to go to meet Harman.


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