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Vedant accuses that Suomya is wedding him, and furthermore meeting Harman. Suomya claims that her association with Harman is very devout, and none can break it. Vedant constrains her to call Harman and reveal to him she won’t come to meet. Suomya wasn’t prepared. Vedant takes steps to execute Harman. Suomya slaps Vedant. Vedant states that this time she will be vanquished, Harman and their adoration will be crushed this time. Suomya inquiries from whom? He has been playing stunts to get love from a kinner, he is the failure. Suomya and Harman’s adoration has consistently been triumphant, and time will demonstrate this by and by.

Mahi carries medication to Harman. Harman says if Suomya comes to meet him every day, he will be fine himself. Mahi says Suomya is doing her part, she needs to do hers; she demands him to take the medication. He takes the prescription at that point stops Mahi to address her. He says she will most likely aversion if Suomya comes to meet him day by day. He is her significant other, yet he attempted to overlook Suomya a great deal. He endeavored to overlook her also, however proved unable. He demands not to be unpleasant on Suomya. Mahi says she persuaded Suomya to come over, how she can be severe. She solicits Harman to take care from himself, this is the thing that Mahi needs. Preeto hears the discussion from outside.

In the passageway, Shanno solicits Mahi what kind from a young lady she is. On the off chance that she let Suomya meet Harman every day, their romantic tale will reignite. Just Mahi will consume in that fire. She ought to comprehend that Harman is her better half, and just she should deal with him. Preeto comes to state its Shanno who is exhorting, she herself couldn’t deal with her home and family. On the off chance that Suomya can spare her Harman, nobody will stop Suomya. Ravi comes there and reminds Preeto how seriously she carried on with Suomya. Preeto answers there was no other way. Ravi says she should not discover ways, yet objectives.

During the evening, Suomya remained in the window and contemplates her guarantee to Harman. Mahi and Harman additionally gazed at the moon. Vedant goes to the corridor and discovers Suomya lost. He dials a call to Preeto. Preeto leaves the room and accepts the call. Vedant cautions Preeto that Suomya must quit meeting Harman. Preeto says Harman will possibly leave wine and recover in the event that he meets Suomya. She demands him to persuade Suomya generally, else she couldn’t care less. Vedant was chafed.

In the room, Preeto goes up against Harak Singh. He inquires as to whether she is with Vedant. He inquires as to why she does that. He wish no guardians love their kids so much that they decimate their lives. Preeto cries and not prepared to acknowledge she is mindful. She was prepared to do anything for Harman. She asks where she turned out badly. Harak Singh embraces the crying mother.

The following morning, Suomya was prepared to leave. Vedant asks where she is going. Suomya says he knows where she is going, he is additionally mindful she won’t stop. Harman and Suomya’s adoration is incredibly gutsy, and it’s about penance. Vedant chooses to test the intensity of her adoration. He breaks a glass container in her way and moves her to stroll on this glass and leave; he won’t stop her.

Harman sat with his wine bottle. Preeto implores that Suomya is required here, may she get the solidarity to reach here. Suomya asks Vedant what silliness this is. Vedant smiles that she acknowledged the annihilation so effectively. He advises her to stop the show and go to the room. Suomya strolls on the glass pieces, feeling them as flower petals, a grin spreading all over. She could watch Harman ahead, with his hand held to her. She inquires as to whether he has affirmed enough. Will she currently leave?

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