Shakti Ek Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 10th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Soham going to the kids’ room and sleep. Heer holds his hand, but Soham brushes off her hand. She sa 9ys I can’t get sleep if you don’t hold my hand. Soham says I will not hold your hand. Heer shouts calling Soumya. Soham holds her hand and asks if she will complaint with maa. Heer refuses to sleep on the bed and goes out, while Rohan tries to stop her. Arjun comes out in hall and hears chain sound. He thinks Heer went out late in night, I shall call Vedant. He calls Vedant. Vedant picks the call and asks him to say. Saya comes and keeps hand on his shoulder. Vedant pretends as if he is talking to his friend and says she/he will send the money and come back as there is no network here. Vedant comes out in his clothes and thinks she is stupid like Heer. He sees anklet and liftsher while she covered with blanket. Just then Police comes there. Vedant keep back the blanket clad child. Rohan is in Heer’s place and removes the blanket showing his face. Vedant is shocked and says Mamu.

A fb is shown, Heer sleeps on the floor, Soham sleeps beside her while sitting with her. Rohan thinks of Preeto and Soumya’s conversation and thinks his bad mama will come to trouble Heer. He takes Heer’s blanket and removes her anklet. He then call Police and asks them to come and arrest Vedant from outside Harak Singh’s house. Fb ends. Vedant tries to run seeing Police, but Rohan holds his leg and asks him to leave Soumya and Heer. Vedant asks him to leave him and pushes him hurting Rohan. He then says sorry to Rohan and runs away. Inspector asks Constable to catch him and asks Rohan if he is fine. Heer wakes up and thinks where is Rohan veer ji. She wakes up Soham and says Rohan Veer ji is not at home. She comes to hall and calls Rohan. Arjun thinks if Heer is here then who was that person. Heer calls Preeto, harak singh and asks them to come fast. They all come out. Preeto asks did you see a bad dream? Heer says Rohan Veer ji is not at home. Arjun thinks so Rohan went out wearing her anklet and blanket and thinks why?

Vedant comes back to Kinnar’s house and thinks it is good that he had kept this bag here. He thinks don’t know until when he has to stay like kinnar and thinks his life is spoiled. He walks inside the house. Saya slaps him and says she was doubtful on him when he came to her house, and wanted to confirm if she is wrong. She says she has kept eye on him and says I was right, your game is over…Vedant. He says Police will come and take you from here and we all kinnars will drop you to Police station.

Inspector brings Rohan to Harak Singh’s house and tells that Vedant fled, but this boy showed bravery. Soumya worriedly cleans Rohan’s injury and bandages his forehead. Heer asks if anything will happen to his Veer ji. Preeto says he is very brave. Soumya sees Heer’s anklet and asks if he went out as Heer. Rohan says yes. He says sorry to Harak Singh and says I couldn’t catch Mama. He says I am not like my Mama, but want to become like Hero Harman Singh. He says he will protect Heer and he won’t let anything happen to her. Veeran says he is very brave. Harak Singh hugs him and asks him not to take tension, play and enjoy his life. He says your Nanu is alive, Harak singh is alive, don’t put your life in danger. Preeto asks him to trust his Nanu and says he will make everything fine. She says you are hero like my Harman. Soumya smiles happily seeing Harak Singh accepted Rohan whole heartedly. Harak Singh says this means that Vedant knows everything about this house. He asks how did Vedant know that someone went out from my house. Inspector says Vedant’s eyes are on this house and asks them to inform him if gets any info about him. Preeto takes the kids inside. Soumya thanks Mata Rani for saving Rohan.

Vedant drags Saya outside while she is tied. He says if you haven’t been here then my aim would have been fulfilled by now. He says I will throw you out from my way.

Heer cares for Rohan’s injury and tells that says he is wounded, but didn’t cry. Soham says he saved you from goon also and is strong like superman. Heer calls him Rohan Veer ji Superman. Soham and Heer play music and dance on the song main toh superman….They cheer up Rohan. Rohan also dances and hugs them. Preeto and Soumya smile looking at them from outside. Soumya says I pray that Heer’s truth shall not make their relation bitter. Preeto says the secret shall be a secret.

Shanno looks at Heer’s pics with family and thinks why Heer is not letting to get mingled with anyone except her brothers. She thinks why a mother don’t like her daughter, why? She says Mahi betrayed Harman to get his love and now brushing off his daughter. She thinks of Mahi’s words and thinks they are hiding something from everyone. She thinks to find out the secret, by tomorrow itself.

Precap: Soumya prays to God to give them strength to end the evil. She comes with the kids to burn the Ravan. Vedant comes there indisguise.


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