Shakti Ek Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 15th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Mr. Bansal embraces him and cries. Rohan asks where are they? I met with a mishap. He says they may be harmed as well and asks where are they? Mr. Bansal says I can’t tell and cries. Rohan inquires as to why all of you are crying and asks Soumya to state atleast. Soumya says you realize that God remains in paradise and individuals used to go there. She says God keeps the great individuals with him and says your mummy and dad are great so HE kept them. Rohan cries and embraces Soumya. He says this can’t occur. Vedant additionally cries.

Harman is fretful in his room. Mahi asks what was the deal? Harman says Soumya is in a difficult situation and is crying a ton and is in torment. Mahi says you cherish her so much and that is the reason stressed. Harman says no and tells that he is defenseless and can’t go else her regard will be destroyed. He says Soumya’s Nani used to state and tells that they are two individuals who are tied by the undetectable entryway and on the off chance that one feels torment, at that point different feels it.

At Mr. Bansal’s home, Soumya is with Rohan and requests that he eat the sustenance. She says the splendid stars are your folks. Rohan inquires as to whether they are my mummy and father. Soumya says your mummy is watching you from that point and requests that he eat else she will feel awful. Rohan eats nourishment and rests embracing her. Mr. Bansal comes there and asks Soumya to eat something. Soumya folds her hand and apologizes to him, censuring herself for Rekha and Adesh’s passing. Mr. Bansal says this house was destroyed when Vedant’s mom went out and requests that her offer love to Rohan as he has turned out to be stranded.

Harman goes to the patio and converses with Nani’s star and tells that on the off chance that you would have been alive, at that point you would have caused us to get it. Mahi thinks might be Harman’s stress is correct and calls Soumya. She asks what was the deal? Vedant is remaining behind her. Soumya reveals to Mahi that a major mishap occurred here and tells about Rekha and Adesh’s passing and cries. Mahi asks her not to cry and deal with herself and everybody. She supposes she had seen their adoration now. She comes to Harman and says you was correct, Soumya didi was in torment. Harman asks did you converse with her, what did she say?

Vedant considers everything, how Harman undermined him to apologize to Soumya, proposing Soumya, requesting that her beverage toxic substance and preventing her from ending it all and Rekha and Adesh’s demise. Mahi reveals to Harman that Rekha and her significant other kicked the bucket today and requests that he converse with her. Harman reviews his guarantee and says he can’t call her. He requests that her go and supposes he can’t proceed to meet her knowing her torment.

Mr. bansal reveals to Decorators that the marriage can’t occur now. Decorator says we can comprehend, God will give you solidarity to tolerate this torment. Vedant comes and says marriage will happen today. Mr. Bansal asks what are stating, Rekha and Adesh’s last rituals was simply done. Vedant says marriage will be straightforward and requests that decorators go. Mr. bansal approaches him to hang tight for atleast 3 days. Vedant says Di and Jiju relinquished their lives for this marriage and says marriage will happen today itself. Mr. Bansal says you both are as of now hitched so why you are demanding to wed her once more. Vedant says 2 months will be finished today and according to the condition, she will wed me today. Mr. Bansal is stunned and asks restrictive marriage. Vedant says our marriage was phony, she asked me 2 months which finishes today. Mr. Bansal says Soumya doesn’t love you and you persuasively made her stay here. Vedant tells that anything he desires, he gets and says Rekha and Adesh passed on as a result of her. Mr. bansal says Soumya isn’t in charge of their demise and says you can’t wed her coercively. Vedant goes to room, gets weapon and goes for Mr. Bansal. He says marriage will happen today in a similar sanctuary, before same mata rani and on the off chance that you stop me, at that point I will shoot you.

Precap: Harman comes to there, however is thumped by Vedant’s goons. Vedant takes rounds with Soumya coercively


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