Shakti Ek Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 16th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Mr. Bansal and Rohan are stunned. Preeto is doing puja for Harman’s infant. Vedant asks Mr. Bansal not to drag Rekha and Adesh in this issue and says this time Harman and Soumya won’t join together, on the off chance that she isn’t mine, at that point she will never happen to any other person. Soumya requests that he leave his hand. Vedant requests that his goon lock the entryway. Mr. bansal asks him not to do this and says this isn’t right. Vedant makes Soumya sit in the vehicle persuasively and leaves in his vehicle. Harman is doing aarti and says Soumya used to state that you are consistently with her at whatever point she called you and requests that her demonstrate that she is with them.

Saya, Chameli and others come there and discover lock at Mr. Bansal’s home. Saya says entryway is bolted, it appears no one is here. Chameli says now there is nothing in our grasp, gives up. They are going to leave, when they hear Mr. Bansal yelling for Ramu Kaka and requesting that he open the entryway. Saya inquires as to whether there is anybody here. Mr. Bansal says I am inside. Saya requests that somebody search the stone. ShaktiShe gets the tune and breaks the lock. Shakti melody keeps on playing. Saya opens the entryway. Mr. Bansal sees her. She asks who bolted you inside. Rohan says Mama took her to wed persuasively. Mr. Bansal advises that Vedant took her to wed persuasively and requests that they stop the wedding. He says their marriage was phony. Saya asks don’t need you to cause this union with occur. Mr. Bansal tells that Soumya doesn’t need it.

Saya tells that they are limited by Soumya’s guarantee and requests that he call Harman and advise him. She calls Harman and offers call to Mr. Bansal. Mr. Bansal discloses to Harman that he is accessible if the need arises and tells that Vedant and Soumya’s marriage is phony and advises that he took her coercively to wed her. Harman is stunned. Saya converses with Harman and says they are going to Soumya. Harman educates his family that Soumya and Vedant’s marriage was phony and now he is persuasively wedding her. Harak Singh says she is ominous and Rekha and Adesh got slaughtered due to her. Harman says she spared my life, halted my drinking propensity and so on and says she is favorable and security for me. Mahi and others looks on. Saya looks for Soumya in the sanctuary. Preeto tells Harak Singh that Soumya is his satisfaction then their bliss is in her. She says this is God’s desire and says Mahi doesn’t have any complaint and asks her. She says you had said that they are intended to be as one. Harak Singh supposes she is ominous. Shanno says what will occur with Mahi. Preeto says Harman went to spare Soumya from Vedant, who is a trouble maker. Harak Singh is stressed over Mahi.

Vedant brings Soumya to the sanctuary and inquires as to whether the marriage courses of action are finished. Pandit ji says yes. Vedant requests that his goons ensure no one goes to the sanctuary and in the event that anybody comes there, at that point he won’t extra them. Harman thinks to slap Soumya for concealing such a major truth. He considers Raavi and Sindhu’s words that Soumya gave him Mahi in blessing and relinquished her life for him. He reviews Preeto inciting him to wed. He says you completed a major penance to remove me from prison. Soumya reveals to Vedant that she can’t acknowledge anybody as her significant other aside from Harman ji. Vedant says you need to acknowledge this time.

Mahi tells Preeto and Harak Singh that she has no protest with Soumya and Harman’s association and tells that Soumya is as yet Harman’s significant other and they were never isolated. Harak Singh inquires as to why she needs to give penance. Soumya appeals to Mata Rani and requests that her stop this marriage else end her life. Mahi says I used to see Soumya as sautan without knowing her, and advises that when she comes to realize then she comprehended that Harman has no character without Soumya. Harak Singh asks what is your character and says don’t have the foggiest idea what did he say? Raavi says we will proceed to bring them back. Preeto tells Harak Singh that they can’t disregard Harman and will bolster him today.

Vedant asks Soumya to sit discreetly. Soumya asks him not to drive her. Saya, Chameli and others are strolling making a course for come there. Harman is en route and stops his vehicle because of certain individuals battling on street and obstructing the street. He calls Saya and inquires as to whether she came to know anything. He escapes vehicle.

Precap: Goons beat up Harman and lights fire around him. Vedant is persuasively taking rounds with Soumya.


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