Shakti Ek Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 19th September 2019 Written Episode Update

Shakti Ek Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 19th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Soumya asking Soham why did he push her? Soham says I am feeling hatred for them and asks her to come. Soumya is shocked and says you can’t do this. She says they talked to you so nicely, you shall not be arrogant towards them seeing their face. She says you shall respect them as they are also humans like us and have a heart like us. Heer says they are good, and loving us. Rohan says I think that I have seen them before and says they are good. A kinnar asks Soham what happened? Soham throws mud on her face and runs away, saying he don’t want to talk to anyone. Rohan and Heer run behind Soham. Soumya says I will talk to him and says sorry. Saya stops Soumya and tells that Soham was with us before, but now he has hatred for us…being Varun’s blood and tells that when he comes to know about Heer’s identity, he will leave her and then Rohan also will leave her. Then Heer will have no option than to ask for nek like us. Soumya says she trust her upbringing and Rohan will never leave Heer. She says she is there for the kids and will teach them that all humans are same.

Rohan and Heer ask Soham to stop running and run behind him. Rohan gets an idea and tells Heer that Soham is not holding her hand. Soham holds her hand. A man is standing behind the car and takes their pics. His face is shown and he looks at the kids with anger. He says so they are Rohan, Soham and Heer. He looks at Soumya. Soumya thinks their love will increase with time and after growing up, they will just remember that they love their sister. She asks Soham why did he react like this? Soham was they were looking strange and ugly. Soumya says you shall not judge anything with their faces and says everyone is beautiful at heart. She asks him to apologize to them, but he refuses. Soumya asks them to go and says she will talk to him at home. The man says so she is Soumya and clicks her pics. Soumya thinks to make Soham understand. Preeto comes there and says he will get better with time and says we have to think about Vedant now. Soumya says I will drop them to school now. Preeto says ok and says she will pick them from school later.

Soumya goes to drop them to school. Soumya gives her love to Rohan and Heer and tells Soham that she will not love him today as he misbehaved with them. Saya calls Harak Singh and asks what he will do if he comes to know that Heer has a liking for them. Harak Singh asks them not to talk such stupid thing. Saya says Soumya came to make us meet the children and got sweets and other things distributed with their hands. She says I thought to alert you for future. He ends the call and shouts aloud Soumya’s name. Everyone comes there and asks what happened? Soumya comes back. Harak Singh asks her if he took Heer to meet Kinnars and says you can make Soham and Rohan make them, but why did you take my grand daughter? Soumya says Papa ji. Harak Singh asks her to answer and asks if she wants to make Heer as her people and asks if she is mad. He says you have killed my son and our scores are settled. He says why did you take my grand daughter to meet Kinnars and asks her. He says I tried to make you understand and tried to kick you out, but you didn’t leave.

Chameli tells Saya that she shouldn’t have call Harak Singh. Saya says Soumya increased her own troubles and says she alerted harak singh so that he finds out about Heer’s truth soon. Harak Singh says if you really loved Harman as you claim then why did you take Heer. Shanno taunts Soumya and tells that she wants to do the same thing like she did with Harman. Preeto asks why did you take her there? Harak Singh asks are you trying to take revenge from us. He says I won’t let her move from here until you reply me. Soumya thinks what to tell him. She says I took heer because…Mahi says I asked her to take Heer with her brothers to kinnars and gets fruits and sweets distributed by her hands, as it is auspicious. Preeto says why didn’t you tell before. A fb is shown, Preeto asks Mahi to lie to Harak Singh when he questions Soumya. Mahi refuses. Preeto asks her to do as she said. Fb ends. Harak Singh scolds Mahi and asks her to take care of Heer being her mother and keep her stay away from Soumya. Everyone leaves. Preeto asks Soumya to go and eat something, says she will pick the kids from school.

Preeto comes to school and picks the kids. Rohan says Nani came. Heer asks if there is something special and says Gulabo came to drop us and you came to pick us. Preeto asks why can’t we come? Heer asks her to come daily and asks for chocolate and icecream. Rohan says then she will not have food and asks her not to give anything to her. Preeto says Rohan said right. Heer asks her to buy balloons for her and goes to buy it. The balloon seller is none other than the man spying on them and taking their pictures.

Precap: Vedant kidnaps Heer and runs. The guy stops him and tears his burqa. Everyone sees Vedant.


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