Shakti Ek Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 26th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Heer asking Doctor what the word kinnar is? Rohan and Soham also ask the Doctor. Raavi comes and asks where is kali mirch? Mahi asks what people will say and it shows that it was all her imagination? Raavi asks again where is kali mirchi? Mahi says everyone will get peace in sometime. Raavi asks where is Kali mirch. Preeto hears them. She sees Soumya coming and asks if kids reached school safely. Soumya says yes. Preeto asks her to have food. Mahi thinks Heer’s truth will be today, for what she was waiting for since years. Heer sees the girl crying when she was injected an injection and calls Rohan and Soham. She runs out and tells that she don’t want injection. The kinnars are standing outside and hears Heer saying that she don’t want health check up and injection. Teacher comes out and tries to take Heer inside. Rohan says I will bring Heer inside. He tells Soham that they will give her injection and tickles her. Heer smiles. Rohan says you don’t look good while crying and calls her loving sister. Heer smiles.

Preeto asks Soumya if she thought about Vedant. Soumya says she won’t let anything happen to Papa ji and Heer. Preeto says you have given enough sacrifices and says no more sacrifice. Kinnar calls Soumya and tells that Heer came out from school crying and asks her to come there. Soumya rushes out of kitchen. Preeto asks what happened? Soumya says Heer is crying in school. Mahi says how she will study if Soumya goes for small things. Rohan and Soham convince Heer for check up. Rohan says Soham is having cough and if she don’t agree then they will also not get the check up done. Heer says ok and tells that we will get the check up done. Mahi thinks if Soumya reaches school then it will be problematic. Preeto comes there and asks her to give her phone. Mahi thinks she didn’t delete Heer’s teacher’s number and says don’t know where it is? Mahi gives the phone to Preeto. Preeto checks the phone and sees teacher’s number. Mahi says Teacher called for the health check up permission and she gave the permission. Preeto tries to slap her calling her betrayal and says she will kick her out. She misbehaves with Preeto and holds her hand. She threatens to tell Heer’s truth to everyone if she tries to kick her out. She holds Preeto’s hand stopping her and asks her not to think to dare her to think out. Preeto is shocked.

Rohan and Soham take Heer inside and asks her to get injection. Soumya reaches school, but Arjun stops her. Soumya says she is Heer’s mother. Mahi comes to Harak Singh and acts showing her fake love for Heer. She says Soumya went to Heer’s school as she got a phone call and tells that she don’t want Heer to think Soumya as her mother. Harak Singh says you had brought Soumya home. Mahi says it was my mistake and tells that she didn’t get her husband’s love and now her daughter’s love. Harak Singh gets up and goes. Raavi hears Mahi’s emotional act infront of Harak Singh. Soumya comes inside and tells the school authorities that she don’t want Heer’s medical check up to be done. Teacher says Mahi gave permission. Soumya is shocked and says she don’t want check up. Arjun says she can’t take Heer from there. Soumya asks him to be in his limits. Harak Singh comes and scolds Soumya asking her to be in limits. He asks Heer to go for test and asks Teacher to take her. Soumya gets worried and sees Nurse about to give an injection to Heer.

Heer thinks of Rohan’s words that they have to think of good times while taking injection. She closes her eyes and thinks of her good times with her brothers and Soumya. She didn’t feel any pain while the injection is given to her and thinks Rohan veer ji was right. Harak Singh smiles. Nurse takes Heer inside for check up. Soumya gets worried. Nurse tells Doctor about her name, Heer Kaur Singh. Harak Singh asks Soumya to leave and says I don’t want any tamasha here. Soumya sees Preeto coming there.

She goes to her and tells that Heer is taken inside for check up and says she tried to stop, but papa ji scolded and stop her. She says we have to do something to stop the check up. Preeto hides her face and asks Soumya to come. Soumya also covers her head. Watchman stops them. Preeto says they came from health dept to clean the school. Nurse checks Heer’s teeth. Preeto comes there and sees Nurse unbuttoning heer’s clothes.

Precap: Preeto stops Nurse. Later Mahi sees the health report. Soumya and preeto hold their hands.


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