Shakti Ek Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 27th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Preeto seeing Nurse unbuttoning Heer’s shirt and calls her. Heer says Preeto. Preeto says she is Rani Bai. Nurse goes to Preeto. Preeto holds her hand and asks her to come with her, says her husband and inlaws trouble her a lot. She asks her to come with her to her house. Soumya comes indisguise of a Nurse and tells Nurse that she will check the girl as she is busy. Heer says Gulabo …you are here. Soumya asks her not to take her name and tells that she knows that her jaan don’t need check up and is afraid of injection so she came for her. Heer asks do you know how to check? Soumya says I know. She asks her to open her mouth and show tongue, marks Heer’s gender as female. Preeto asks Nurse to give her poison. Nurse asks her to talk to her saas and says she will understandyou. Preeto asks which saas understands her bahu. She asks if you are married. Soumya tells that check up is done and asks Preeto to go to Police station and not to eat poison. Preeto says ok and leaves. Soumya gives file to nurse. Nurse takes it and goes out. Soumya asks Heer not to tell anyone that they came here and asks her to promise. Heer promises her. Soumya makes her wear the shoes and asks her to go. Heer goes out and plays with Rohan and Soham. Rohan asks about the injection. Heer tells that she remembered his sayings. Preeto and Soumya get happy. Preeto thanks mata rani. Soumya says Rani bai’s hardwork paid off. Preeto and Soumya laugh.

Saya asks Chameli and others why they didn’t tell her that Heer was crying in school. Chameli says when a daughter is crying then only a mother can make her quiet. Soumya says Heer has many mothers to take care. Preeto also thanks them. Saya asks kinnars to go. Soumya tells her that today she has helped them and asks her to leave her stubbornness to get heer. She asks her to help them and says our fight will be easy a bit. Preeto says Vedant eloped from jail and is targeting Heer. She says Harak singh kept Arjun as Heer’s bodyguard and don’t know what will happen. Saya asks Soumya how was her life before marriage, when she doesn’t know about her identity. She says you must have noticed that you had shaken up everyone’s lives around you. A fb is shown from the beginning. Saya says if Harman wouldn’t have been with you, then society wouldn’t have accepted you. Soumya recalls their marriage and Harman’s immense support towards her. Saya says whatever you are today is because of Harman and his love. Soumya says I know and says she wants Heer to be educated and stands on her feet to fight her war herself. She asks Saya to help them and says she wants Heer to accept her identity and win in life. Saya asks her to tell about a kinnar who has accepted her identity and won in life. She says this had never happened and says I will never support you. She says when Heer grows up and questions, why you didn’t tell her the truth then I will tell her that I tried to tell her, but she was stopped by them. She says I will always support you to save Heer from Vedant and Arjun.

Mahi waits anxiously for the report and thinks Papa ji and kids haven’t come till now. Harak Singh brings the kids home and says report is fine. He calls Veeran and Shanno that report is good. He says my Heer has eaten real Malai and Ghee. Veeran says kids are fit and fine. Harak Singh asks her to make double sweets today. Mahi asks if the report is fine, if the doctor checked rightly. Preeto asks why, didn’t you trust your sasur. She asks her to read it herself being educated. Mahi checks the report and sees gender as female. Preeto looks at her angrily.

Vedant meets Arjun and says Police is after him, and asks him to go and kidnap Heer. Arjun says I will kidnap her just as I get the chance. Vedant says I don’t have much time and asks him to kidnap her fast. Mahi calls Vedant and asks him to kidnap Heer to get Soumya and not to send her back. She says leave her very far and give the address to me, so that I can handle from there. Vedant says how can a mother say this, I didn’t understand this. Mahi says when Harman was here, Soumya was his wife and after he is gone, Soumya is Heer’s mother. She says I want to go from here and remarry. Vedant asks what I will get in return? Mahi says you will get chance to kidnap Heer again and again. He says ok and ends the call. Mahi keeps the receiver down and sees Soham and Heer standing. Heer asks Soham to play with him. Soham goes to call Rohan. Mahi asks Heer to go out and play. Heer says Ma and Gulabo ask me not to play out. Mahi says your Gulabo wants to make you strong and asks her to take their permission. Heer goes to talk to Gulabo. Mahi thinks even if Vedant gets a chance to get Soumya, but she will not leave him, she will either kill him or send him back to jail. She thinks this game was started by Preeto and Soumya and she will end it.

Heer comes to Preeto and asks shall I go out and play. Preeto asks her to let her play at home. Heer calls her Rani bai and asks who is your saas? She says if you are troubled by your saas then will you trouble me. Preeto laughs and says yes. Soumya comes there. Heer asks her to let her go out and play. Soumya recalls her childhood and asks Preeto to let her go and play. Heer also asks Preeto. Preeto asks her to go and play. Soumya asks her to play. Preeto says you know that there is a danger outside for her. Soumya says I don’t want any of the things to happen with Heer which happened with her.

Mahi calls Vedant adn tells that Heer went out, but Soumya kept eye on her. Arjun calls Vedant and says be careful, as Soumya is watching. Arjun tells kids that he will also play with them. Soumya is watching them and just then she gets a faux call informing her about Harman. She gets happy and asks where is Harman ji?

Precap: Vedant comes there as a clown. Soumya thinks if Harman ji is in the clown. Heer looks at the clown.


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