Shakti Ek Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 2nd October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Soumya crying thinking about Harman. She says I might promise that I will not cry, but I can’t stop myself from crying, I can make my heart as stone, but can’t live without you. She says you have gone so far that you can’t hear or see me. She says you gave me Gulabo name, but now there is no colors left in my life and I have just thorns in my life. A Harman and Soumya moment is shown. Soumya says I will not forgive you, you troubled me a lot, now return else I will not talk to you. She asks Harman to return. Noore khuda plays…..She hugs his photoframe and cries. Heer asks Preeto why did you say that you will die peacefully, says it is bad thing, why did you say such a bad thing. Preeto says I will not say again and hugs Heer. Raavi prays to Mata Rani and asks him to do some miracle and return her brother. Just then the Inspector brings a goon to Harak Singh’s house. Harak Singh asks him to catch Vedant and bring to him, says he will kill him. Soumya says I will not let you do anything wrong. Saya asks kinnars to catch Vedant and handovers him to Police. Vedant’s goons come to him and asks him to run, says Police is reaching here. Vedant runs away. The Inspector asks the goons. The goons say that they don’t know. Inspector slaps the goons and leave.

Vedant sees the kinnars searching him. Mahi calls him and asks him to leave the city for sometime. Vedant says I will not leave without taking Soumya. Mahi asks him to meet her behind the temple and says she will explain to him all the things. Harak Singh is sad and thinks of Harman. Arjun asks why are you so sad. Harak Singh says he used to wrestle with his son and says today everything seems to be dim. Soumya hears him and comes inside. She asks the kids to come to her. She then asks the kids to tell something to Papa ji. They go out and tell Harak Singh that they want to learn wrestling from him. Harak Singh refuses. Rohan says if you teach us wrestling then we will become like hero. Harak Singh refuses. Heer says we will learn ourself. Rohan and Soham wrestle with each other. Soumya tells Preeto that they have to make Rohan and Soham strong that they become Heer’s shakti. He says may be Papa ji get Harman ji due to this hrestling. Harak Singh asks Rohan not to do cheating and gives directions. Heer asks him to come there and explains to them. Harak Singh says ok and comes there, asks Heer to whistles. He teaches Wrestling to Rohan. Soumya and Preeto smiles.

Mahi comes to meet Vedant. Saam daam dant bhed plays….Mahi gives him money and says you shall hide and stay, but have to do my work. Vedant says I want to take Soumya from here, don’t want to go to jail and needs a place to hide. Mahi says there is a place, but don’t know if you will stay there or not. Heer whistles and says Rohan defeated Soham. Soham runs behind her. Preeto asks Soumya to come with her. Arjun looks at them playing with Harak Singh. Arjun calls him and says I want to meet you. Vedant takes kinnar’s avatar, wears saree and make up and claps like them. Arjun thinks where is Vedant after reaching the place. Vedant comes there. Arjun thinks everywhere is kinnar and says I don’t have money. He asks him to go. Vedant smiles and claps. Arjun raises his hand to slap him, but Vedant holds his hand. Arjun asks who are you? Vedant says Vedant. Arjun is shocked and asks why did he take kinnar’s avatar. Vedant asks him to stop his nonsense and do as he said. Preeto takes out knife from the cupboard and says you are doing Heer’s protection. She says I forgot that Harman gave me your responsibility and asks Soumya to practice shooting until her aim is right. She says you are Heer’s shakti and this will be your shakti.

Soumya says this is illegal to possess this weapon. Preeto asks what did you ask Mata Rani today? Soumya says I prayed for the strength to fight with the devil Vedant and tells that she has so much responsibility of kids that she couldn’t do this. She says she tried to shoot Vedant, but don’t have that courage. Preeto takes gun from her hand and shoots the gun at the pots. She asks Soumya to shoot for Heer. Soumya shoots at the hanging pots, recalls Vedant blackmailing her for Heer. Preeto smiles.

Precap: Soumya thinks to find out about Vedant. Vedant comes to kinnars’ house. Saya says thief is caught.


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