Shakti Ek Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 3rd October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Vedant coming to Kinnars’ house indisguise of a kinnar. Chameli looks at him and asks who are you? Vedant says I am kinnar like you. Saya comes there and asks why did you come here? Vedant says I was caught stealing something and was kicked out by my group. Saya asks what do you mean? Vedant says he is ugly and that’s why he never got much nek and that’s why stolen and caught. He asks her to let her (him) stay here. Saya says ok and asks her (him) to search house for himself after 2 days. Vedant says ok. Preeto calls Heer and asks her to come. Heer comes there and sees gift. She opens it and finds boxing gloves. She says why she gifted her this. Soumya says Heer will learn boxing to become strong and asks her to practice with her brothers. Heer says girls don’t do this, and says she likes mehendi, wants to play with doll etc. Soumya says you can have mehendi later etc. Heer says I don’t want and throws it. Soumya scolds her politely for throwing the gift brought by Preeto. She says first you will learn and then you will play. Heer refuses to learn anything and is going. Shanno laughs and asks if our heer will do boxing now. Preeto says yes and asks do you have any problem. Soumya picks the gloves and thinks you have to. Heer says I don’t want to do wrestling. Mahi smiles. Harak Singh stops Soumya and says she is a kid and you shall not force her for something which she don’t like. Heer thinks she will not agree to Gulabo’s saying this time. Later Heer is playing in Arjun’s room, says she is hungry and tells him that she is angry with Gulabo. Arjun asks if Gulabo don’t come to call you. Heer says she will come. Soumya comes to Rohan and asks him to eat food with Heer. Rohan says she has food with you. Soumya asks him to tell her that she had food. Mahi comes and asks if she is playing with Heer’s mind. Preeto says we are making her body and mind powerful and says she will learn it slowly. Soumya says when she comes to know why she was learning all this then she will feel proud and think that she is ready for any circumstances.

Arjun and Heer are playing. Arjun says Soumya must have eaten food. Heer says this can’t happen. Rohan comes there and calls her. Arjun says Soumya ji didn’t come to call her. Rohan says Mami had food already. Heer gets upset. Preeto says now she will come to me and say that she will have food with me. Heer comes and says same. Soumya says Pulao is tasty today. Heer tells that she don’t like Pulao. Preeto thinks she is like Harman and smiles.

Chameli asks Vedant who is Guru maa of her samudaya. Vedant thinks if I don’t tell the right name, then will be caught. He says until Gurumaa was alive, she used to think me as her daughter, but after her death…I was tortured a lot and they don’t give me food also. They ask him to drink water. Vedant drinks water. The kinnars come there. Saya asks if Vedant is found. Kinnar says no. Saya says Vedant is very clever, we have to search him.

In the night, Soumya comes to Heer, Rohan and Soham and give good night kiss to the boys. Heer feels ignored and says she might have troubled Harman Singh like this. Soumya thinks of Harman and cries. Heer cries keeping pillow on her face. Rohan asks her to say sorry to Mami and obey her sayings. Heer refuses to say sorry. Chameli tells Saya that they shall think about Vedant and says if he comes to know about Soumya and Heer…Just then Saya stops her from saying further and comes near the curtain. Vedant goes from there.

Saya tells Chameli that she felt as if someone is hearing us. She says we shall not talk here, as even walls have ears. Vedant is hiding and thinks what is Soumya and Heer’s secret. He thinks to go from there soon, thinks his secret will not be secret for many days and the kinnars will kill him. Soumya says Heer talks like him and gets angry like him. She says just like you made me servant in anger and was relieved when I accepted it. She thinks if she was normal then Heer would have been their daughter.

Precap: Mahi shares her plan with Vedant that she is going to her mayka with Heer and asks him to kidnap her. Soumya thinks how to stop her.


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