Shakti 11th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Nani telling Soumya that she came to take her and tells that the villagers requested her to take her from there earlier than 5 am, else they’ll come inside. Harman tells Nani that he will contend with her. Harak Singh asks Nani if she didn’t see the crowd and says this baby is of the circle of relatives, and will now not go everywhere. Harman says no person can touch Soumya. Preeto says we ought to search a few manner. Harak Singh says i have an concept and stocks his concept with them. Sukha thinks simply more hours, then they may get interior Harak singh’s residence. He says nobody shall sleep. Saya asks Maninder to recognize and says they need to consider their protection. She asks them to come to stay in her residence, and says they may guard them. Maninder and Bebe refuses to come back to live of their house. Maninder says he will die, but will no longer stay in kinnars’ residence. Varun asks everybody to get geared up for assault, as there’s simply one hour for 5 am, after which they will assault. Nani receives worried for Soumya and says just 1 hour is left. Preeto says not anything will happen to Soumya. Harak Singh says until he is here, not anything can show up to his family. Harman takes baby from Soumya and asks her to drink milk first. Soumya says Soham. Harman says Soham is in his father’s lap and asks her to drink milk after which make Soham quiet.

Soumya finishes milk. Harman information Soham’s voice. Soumya asks what are you doing? Harman says i can make him pay attention his cry when he grows up. Soumya asks how did you do this? Harman says he desires to relieve the tension. Raavi brings milk and gives to Soumya. Soumya makes Soham drink. Preeto asks do you suspect that something can appear to Soumya here and says we will supply our lifestyles, however will now not permit whatever occur to Soumya. Nani tells Soumya that if Nimmo had been alive then she could were very satisfied to look your family. She says your all members are status by using you today and blesses her and others. Preeto asks Soumya to percent the important matters and says she will be able to feed milk to Soham.

All family members get together. Soumya hugs Preeto. Nasiba song performs…..Sarpanch shouts that they waited all night wondering Nani will take kinnar out and says if something happens, then..Harak Singh asks Harman to hurry up and says we need to attain bus stand. Harman continues the child crying recording there. Harak Singh asks Harman and Soumya to head. Harman and Soumya ask them to come with them. Harak Singh says we will deal with them. Sukha says there’s no one within the residence and asks them to interrupt the house. Sarpanch, Sukha, Varun and others damage the door and get interior. They call Harak Singh. Sarpanch asks Harak Singh to have shame and says you have got damaged our persistence, recognize and prestige and asks them to kick out kinnar. Preeto asks him to talk with appreciate and says she is our bahu. Sarpanch says if kinnar is a person’s daughter, bahu and many others. Harak Singh shouts at him. Sukha says we will search the kinnar. Varun, Sweety, Sukha and others look for Soumya and Soham in the house.

Varun sees a person walking wearing Soumya’s clothes and asks them to seize them. He says she is going for walks with my infant. The lady with her face included runs. Varun, Gurmeet and others comply with her. Varun and others throw stone on her and makes her closely injured. The lady in veil falls down. Sarpanch says if each person attempts to make kinnar as family then this can show up. Sukha says who are born to clap, bless human beings’s youngsters, attempt to end up a mum then this could appear to her. Sarpanch asks Varun to take his son. Varun says we will make certain that kinnar died. He gets rid of the veil and sees Nani’s face. Nani is severly injured on her head and is critical. Soumya tells Harman that some thing wrong is happening. Harman asks her not to fear and come. Harak Singh, his family individuals come there and notice Nani writhing in pain. everyone is stunned. Nani closes her eyes.

Precap: Harman and Soumya are attacked through the villagers. Harman fights with them. HArak Singh and his circle of relatives come there and fight with them.


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