Sharad Kelkar Said He Used To Buy Branded Shoes And Clothes From Chor Bazaar

Film actor Sharad Kelkar dubbed the Hindi version of Prabhas starrer Baahubali in his voice. After that the film emerged as a brilliant film. Now in an interview he told that he is not of Delhi yet people call him ‘Delhi Believe ‘boy of’. Actor Sharad Kelkar will now be seen in ‘Housefull 4’.

He was recently in Delhi and recalled his days in the city. He told us that he used to shop from Chor Bazaar. This place in Delhi was known for selling branded shoes and clothes at cheap prices.

Sharad Kelkar tells, ‘I belong to Gwalior and I was in a sports college there. At that time we did not have money to buy branded goods. So on weekends we used to come to Delhi to buy ‘branded shoes’ from Chor Bazaar. We traveled overnight, went directly to Chor Bazaar and stayed at Karim’s shop to eat. Were. I know the city but I get confused about the way. Since I specialize in food, I know places that are popular for food. Such as Kamla Nagar, Bengali Market and C.P. I have good memories here.

Talking about his ‘Delhi Boy Vibes’, Sharad says that it is probably due to his college. Sharad told, ‘I am not from Delhi but probably because of my college friends people feel that I am from Delhi.’

Sharad further said, ‘My attitude and body language shows that I am a Delhiite. Many people in Mumbai initially thought that I am from Delhi and they used to think that I look Jat because of my body but when I tell people that I am from Maharashtra, they never believe that.


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