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In a magical word, a new movie ” Shazam! ” Depicting a boy who will become a superhero of “Otona looks, content is Codomo” . About the producer talked about “the most comedy element is stronger than any DC movie” and the quality full of humor.

The protagonist of this work is a boy Billy, a boy who was given the power to become a superhero muscularly a superhero with a single voice of “Shazam!” From a mysterious magician. Although it is the newest hero of the DC Comedy movie group, so-called DC Extended Universe (DCEU), the big play Billy does not wake up to the great responsibility to the power he got, play with Freddie who is a bad kid friend Roll up. It is a hero who is unrelated to the “dark” atmosphere like Batman representing DC.

Producer Peter Safran explained that the ” Wonder Woman ” (2017) that came out of the dark route became one circumstance on the background of such Shazam movie . In particular, the influence of the wonderful exchanges between Wonder Woman ( Gal · Gaddot ) and fighter pilot, Steve Trevor ( Chris · Pine ) was quite large. “I think that it was a nice step towards the correct direction that there is real lightness among the two main characters.”

And then the key role played was ” Aquaman “, coach James Wang taking the megaphone . This work, which depicts a strong and reliable hero’s battle, which Jason Momor plays, recorded the number one worldwide box office earnest in the history of DC movies. “Aquaman” is moving a step further away from the dark side, “Shazam!” Is part of its natural evolution, and without doubt, the most comedy element than any DC movie strong”

James Wang who supervised that “Aquaman” is “Shazam! Of ” David · F · Sandberg supervision as” the birth of Annabel Specter doll tag in “. Safran says, “I think David is a spiritual successor to James, they share a lot of similar qualities, because they both see characters and stories first, their genre movies are accepted I think that it is both critic and commercial, because they know that if they correctly tell a story they know that people empathize them, “he said.

By the way, “Shazam! “The staff engaged in the universe ” Dead Spirit House “which one gave was gathered. Art director Jen Jennifer Spence and director of photography Maxim Alexandre, the staff who produce the strongest horror worked for the birth of the most loving hero movie. Expectation will be increased for the activity of the DC version breaking hero who can not become dark.

The movie “Shazam! “Released nationwide from April 19


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