Shefali Jariwala Airport Experience: Shefali Jariwala experienced COVID-19 connected to airport Share, Read full news

Contestant Shefali Jariwala of Bigg Boss 13 shared his experience at Mumbai airport. He said that it has become deserted due to Corona virus epidemic. Accept it or not l Wear a mask-face protector l Maintain social distance from people l Stay indoors l Avoid gathering in public places l It has become part of your life l Airlines have resumed operations with all safety precautions after lockdown have make.

Contestant Shefali Jariwala of Bigg Boss 13, among many others, is a recent celebrity flying into the epidemic and her experience was terrifying, at least from her Instagram post. She was sad for a deserted airport like Mumbai. She can be seen masking her face in a photo shared by Shefali Jariwala. Mumbai Airport does not look like before.

He wrote, ‘#mumbaiairport is one of the busiest airports in the world, never seemed so deserted or lifeless .. Thus it has been a saddening journey experience … only fear, I pray to God I wish it all goes back to normal soon… but was thinking again, maybe this is the new normal… .and it’s time to accept #airportdiaries #socialdistancing #coronapocalypse #besafe #adad #hopeful #travelgram ‘

Also in a conversation with HT, Shefali confesses fear in the air and she hopes the situation will return to normal soon. He said, ‘There were very few people, and our temperature was checked as soon as we entered the airport. Whether or not we have it on the Arogya Setu App or not. There was social disturbance everywhere, our ID was checked remotely. When we landed in Delhi, no taxi service was available and it was disappointing. The airport is always full of excitement but there was none. However it should be better now.


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