Shingo Fujimori
Shingo Fujimori

Shingo Fujimori of Oriental Radio on the 13th, the movie ” Seven Meetings ” a big hit thank you for the greetings. Although I appreciated the film which he himself appeared as a salary man at the movie theater, he lamented that the audience was not noticed at all. On this day, Nomura Mansai , Mitsuhiro Oikawa , Aki Asakura , Fukuzawa bonito supervision was also coming.

This work is made into a movie of the same name novel by Jun Ike Well, a writer known for “Naoki Hanzawa” and “Shimomachi rocket” . 10,000-year-old chief of the company’s employee · Tamio Hakkaku (Nomura) accused the younger boss’s power hara, the thrilling depiction of a certain mystery hidden there shakes the company and its employees Corporate entertainment.

Fujimori played in this work is highly prideful, Yuusuke Nitta acting as the manager of the accounting department obsessed with the rough search of the sales department to which the octagon belongs. Fujimori is impressed with the appearance although it is also a character as if I turn a woman to an enemy. “It is unbelievable that I am still being taken out by director Fukuzawa, along with luxurious co-stars,” that the number of spectators mobilized in public 13 days exceeded 1,000,000 people, box office revenue 1.2 billion yen, And the expression of surprise. In addition, I confided to everyone saying “You were a scum,” I said, “I want to take it as a word of praise,” and blurred the joy that I was able to play.

Furthermore, I introduce that my mother who appreciated this work said “Your role is too radical”. Telling that, “I’m asking everyone” Kuzu “to say” I am told everybody is saying “Kuzu” “Because mothers know that you are not really such a person” also revealed that the venue was comforted I invited you to laugh.

I also appreciate the work at the cinema. Fujimori, who laughed in a full seat and found a spectator who nodded while nodding, was pleased that “There was a sense of presence and I felt the reaction of the visitor with my skin.” Fujimori who felt the mood rising inside wanted to notice the audience, “It’s embarrassing, but I took the hat that I wore after the end,” confessed. However, “I was not noticed by anyone,” he said, “I was quietly wearing a hat … It’s embarrassing … …” I was bitter smile.


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