Two Motherlands
Opponent Oguri Shun & Murotsuyoshi co-star! – (C) TV Tokyo

TV Opinion starring in TV Tokyo Opening 55th anniversary Special scenes From the special project “Two Motherlands”, a scene capturing the military uniform of Oguri and Morozuyoshi was released. Together, it was decided to be broadcast on two consecutive night from 9 o’clock to 11:24 pm on March 23 and 24.

This work, which images the best selling artist Yamazaki Toyoko known for such as “White big tower” survives hard seeking its own identity, set in the United States and Japan before, during and after the Second World War Youth group image plays depicting the love and miracles of Japanese American Americans.

Oguri plays, Kenji Tenza of Nikkei Nisei who works as a reporter at a Japanese newspaper company in Los Angeles / Little Tokyo. For Kenji who is proud of being an American as well as being a Japanese, a classmate of UCLA era Mr. Charlie Tamiya was trying to abandon Japanese being a successer in the United States.

This time, the scene photograph which contained the scenes of such two people is released. Kenji who went to the Philippines as a leader of the American military language soldier and Charlie who became lieutenant in the MacArthur headquarters talked about the situation of the battle and the heavy responsibility to monitor the trial of the Tokyo tribunal as a human being on the allied side immediately after the end of the war Kenji who carries Komi and the scene where Charlie who became an assistant officer looks face to face at an officer club are captured serious relationship of two who are turning into rivals of fate despite being old friends.

The cast Oguri, addition of Muro, Kengo Kora , Nitta seriously Yu , Jarana , Yumi Aso , Yutaka Matsushige gathered et al gorgeous actors. Director Yasuo Hasegawa , such as ” Hotel Venus “, Shuichi Takahata , the script is “The Fleet Commander of the United Nations Fleet Commander – Yamamoto Goku – The Truth of the 70 Years of the Pacific War


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