Shraddha Kapoor Expresses Gratitude To Fans In Three Languages For Having 50 Million Followers, Defeating Deepika As The Second Highest Actress
Shraddha Kapoor has crossed 50 million followers on Instagram due to her excellent fan following. There are few people in the Bollywood industry who have achieved this feat. The favorite actress of the public has certainly given the best performance on screen, but she has also won the hearts of fans off screen. To thank her fans on this special occasion, the actress has shared handwritten notes in three languages ​​- Marathi, Hindi and English!

Expressing her happiness, Shraddha wrote on Instagram, “All my dear, babudis, fan clubs, and well wishers. I have seen all the videos, edits and posts that you have made with so much love and I feel overwhelmed and humble . I am here because of all of you. I wish you happiness and peace as well as lots of best wishes. Please take good care of yourself, spread kindness and keep shining. Thank you thank you thank you! 50 million times.

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🙏🦋🦄 🌻💫💜

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Awareness of social issues spreads through social media

Shraddha is very active on social media these days. She has started the #LockdownZoos initiative in which she is constantly demanding to stop the ju. The animal-loving actress continues to shed light on the atrocities with animals and urges her fans from time to time to help her as much as possible to save the animals. Being an environmental activist, she also recommends choosing wooden toothbrushes, using buckets instead of shower for bathing. Shraddha herself also uses eco friendly items.

Shraddha’s feed is extremely harmonious as it covers everything from fashion to BTS, films, animal cuddles, the latest updates on the environment and enjoying the things happening around the world. This also shows how aware and sensitive Shraddha is as a person. Shraddha Kapoor will soon be seen opposite Ranbir Kapoor in Love Ranjan’s next film.

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इस लॉकडाउन के दौरान हम में से बहुत से लोग चिंतित और पराधीन महसूस कर रहे हैं। कल्पना कीजिए की आपको अपने परिवार और घर से दूर रखा जाए तथा अपने पूरे जीवन काल के लिए जेल में बंद कर दिया जाए तो आपको कैसा महसूस होगा? . जानवरों में हमारी तरह भावनाएँ होती हैं। अपने प्राकृतिक आवास और प्रियजनों से अलग होने पर वे उदासिन हो जाते हैं। हम यह क्यों माने कि हमें उनकी स्वतंत्रता छीनने का अधिकार है? . जब @shazamorani ने मुझे इस कार्य का हिस्सा बनने के लिए कहा, तो मैंने तुरंत अपनी सहमति दे दी क्योंकि मुझे एहसास हुआ कि मैं अपनी आवाज़ बेजुबान पशुओं को दे सकती हूं। पशु बोल नहीं सकते इसलिए हमें उनकी आवाज़ बनने की जरूरत है। मुझे पूरी उम्मीद है कि आप सभ भी ऐसा ही करेंगे | ✨💜 . "जब तक व्यक्ति जानवरों से प्यार नहीं करेगा, तब तक उसकी आत्मा का एक हिस्सा सुषुप्त रहेगा।" – एनाटोल फ्रांस। . #LockdownZoos @petaindia @worldforallanimaladoptions @samaajscope @sachinsbangera @tweeeked @yodacreates @kiara.sougrakpam @aditya_star_being @salvageaudiocollective @viraajsaxena @rhnr @varun_lalwani

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These actresses have more than 50 million followers

Apart from having 50 million followers on her Instagram account, the actress also has 17 million followers on Twitter. Apart from Shraddha, Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra also have more than 50 million followers on Instagram. Shraddha now ranks second in this race, beating Deepika. While Priyanka has 54.9 million followers, Deepika has 50.5 million. Alia Bhatt has 47.8 million followers in this race after Shraddha


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