Shri Krishna Ranks On Number One On TRP List See Here Full TRP List

The 20th week report of the TRP list released every week has been released. This time the program of Doordarshan has won and secured the first position. Srikrishna, who started after the immense success of Ramayana, has secured the first position in the TRP list. Earlier in the 19th week, the show was in the second place in the TRP rankings, but this time the program has taken a step and has come to the top.

If you talk about the top program, DD National’s Sri Krishna has topped the overall category, which has secured the first position with 21453 impressions. This is followed by the program ‘Baba Aiso Vara Finda’, which has 17089 impressions, to be aired on Dangal. On the third place is Mahima Shani Dev’s program to be aired on Dangal and in the fourth place is Star Plus to be aired Mahabharata. At the same time, number five is the Ramayana to be aired on Dangal.

Dangal dominates in rural areas and there are four riot programs in the Top-5 program. In this, there are ‘Baba such brides seekers’ and ‘Glory of Shani Dev’ in the first and second place. Sri Krishna is at the third place and Ramayana at the fourth and fifth position is the blood relation. Apart from this, DD National’s ‘Sri Krishna’ in the first place in urban areas, Star Plus ‘Mahabharata’ in second place, DD Bharati’s ‘Vishnu Purana’ in third place, Star Plus’s ‘Devon Ke Dev Mahadev’ in fourth place and fifth. Dangal’s place was ‘Baba Aiso Var Find’.

Talking about the channel, Doordarshan has now come down in the TRP rankings, which was running at number one for the last few days. Right now Dangal has come in first place, Star Plus in second place, Big Magic in third place, Sony SAB in fourth place, Colors in fifth place and Doordarshan in sixth place.


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