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Recap: Gunvant demonstrates his genuine nature to Raja as he imagines that he has got Raja’s dad’s shop in his name yet Phupa later discloses to them all that he tuned in to Rani and didn’t sign shop papers as Gunvant is simply covetous and Raja is as yet the proprietor of that shop.

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Raja asks Gunvant for what reason did you counterfeit your adoration to me this time? You never needed me to be the proprietor of that shop, you made me a worker and when I attempted to work then you demonstrated me as a pointless individual. Asha says Kritika and Gunvant arranged this to get you far from that shop, they overlooked their connections for their avarice. Raja says Rani continued attempting to open my eyes yet I never tuned in to her as I suspected your adoration was genuine.

Asha says Gunvant was the significance of trust for me, after Raja’s dad kicked the bucket, I thought you turned into his shade yet you did this? Gunvant says enough, this is my shop. Rani says evil always loses. Phupa expresses gratitude toward Rani for sparing Raja. Gunvant is going to slap Rani yet Raja holds his hand and pushes him back. He requests that they get lost from his home, he says don’t show me your face once more. Kritika says we are heartbroken, kindly don’t do this. We did an error, if you don’t mind pardon us.

Asha requests that her get lost. Gunvant reveals to Raja how could you push me back? indeed I faked my adoration however I dealt with this shop, your dad gave you this shop, he contemplated this family so I am considering my family, you ought to express gratitude toward me for raising you up else you could be living in a ghetto like this Rani. Raja sees his dad’s photograph and says I am heartbroken, I can’t toss you out this way, you are my family all things considered. Asha inquires as to whether he has gone frantic? Toss them out. Raja says no, their affection may be phony yet mine was definitely not. It doesn’t make a difference who has this shop, we three siblings have this shop together from our souls, you did what you thought was correct however you are as yet my dad’s sibling, you could have asked me and I would have given you the shop, you may have wrong aims yet you have dealt with this shop.

Hitank has buckled down for this shop, I didn’t do anything, my dad just requested that I be pleasant to everybody. It’s the ideal opportunity for me deal with my obligations, I am as yet the proprietor of this shop, we will cooperate like consistently, shop will be in my name, you can live in my home like we have been living respectively, you have endeavored to keep this shop working, you fouled up with my mother and me however you are my older folks and I will be mindful at this point. All look on.

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