Sikandar Kher on Nepotism: Sikander Kher said on nepotism, 'parents never recommended me'Mumbai, (Deepesh Pandey). Sikander Kher in Daulat’s character in the recently released web series ‘Arya’ was highly appreciated. Sikander will also be seen in Rohit Shetty’s film Suryavanshi in the coming days. These days, along with the ongoing debate on familism, he shared his twelve years of experience in the industry with Dainik Jagran. Let’s know …

1. How did mother Kiran Kher and father Anupam Kher react to ‘Arya’?

-Both watched this show. I eagerly await my mother’s response to each of my projects. She always gives real feedback. If you do not like it, then it is bad in front of me. I am happy that my work in ‘Arya’ as well as Mummy-Papa was very much liked by the entire show.

2. Choosing good characters or playing any character in a good way, what matters more to you?

-The story is my biggest priority when choosing a character. If the story is good, then all its characters come to the fore. I enjoy playing different characters. I try to play my character differently and better than others. So I cannot give priority to any one thing. For me both are equal.

3. What will make your character in ‘Suryavanshi’ look different?

-The film has a small character named Mera John, who lives in Goa. The character is short but quite funny. Rohit Shetty specializes in making big films. The film has been shot in Bangkok and Mumbai. While both Akshay Kumar and Rohit are professional, they keep on laughing a lot on the sets. In such a situation, there is always a light atmosphere on their sets.

4. Will you also be seen in action avatar in ‘Suryavanshi’?

Yes, I also have one or two action sequences in the film. As of now, the film has not been released, so can not elaborate. However, I am also working in another web series, parts of which have been shot. Soon we will start shooting for the rest.

5. Has the digital platform made any difference to the stardom system?

– Fans have a hand in making someone a star. People whose work they like make them a star. Digital platforms are also becoming stars, but it is not that they will be limited to digital platforms. It takes years of hard work for people to become stars. Be it Amitabh Bachchan or Shah Rukh Khan, every superstar still works hard to maintain his stardom. I don’t think it will make any difference to one’s stardom.

6. What is your perspective on the ongoing debate on familism these days?

Family, not just cinema, is in every field. This is a common thing. I can only speak about myself. My parents never recommended me for work. I myself do not want them to recommend work for me. All the work that I have done so far, I got it only after giving screentest and audition. Being raised in this environment, it definitely benefits that I can meet the producer or director more easily than others.

7. What changes have you seen in the industry in these twelve years?

– The industry has improved with the change in these years. Now different and better films are being made. All types of writers, filmmakers and artists are getting a chance. Now no film is short. Those we call short films are also earning more than a hundred crores, so how did they become smaller.


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