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Rohan asks Mishti what she is pronouncing, he can’t stay without her and die. Mishti tells him she has clarified her stance, and if he loves her he shouldn’t touch her to any extent further. She is bored stiff of these little duties. Rohan asks Mishti about the real purpose behind all this, if Veer threatened her then they’ll tackle it collectively. Mishti shouts that there may be no us now, there’s handiest Mishti and Rohan. She has taken her selection and desires to live with Veer, with none obligations or pressure. She turns to go away but Rohan drags her by way of hand and pulls on her hair.

“i might die if I don’t get you, or is probably lost if she is away
He were given her through her prayers to God, he can’t endure them apart
she will’t belong to every person else. never”

Mishti says soon Rohan will overlook if she ever belonged in his life. This drama will be heedless, she doesn’t want to live with him anymore. She drives away. Her phrases bang in Rohan’s thoughts.
It changed into night time. Mishti sat inside the balcony when Mauli comes to her. Mishti turned into elated to preserve her palms. Mauli says best few have the electricity to consider others before themselves, simplest special human beings are proficient with this capacity. we are able to decide on some thing, however how she determined which love is essential. Mishti says nobody can ever kingdom how deep the emotion of affection and ache is; Rohan and Pari each love her. Pari and Ansh have been along with her seeing that Mauli left this world, they helped her move on. And if she snatches Pari’s love from her, what would be the distinction in her and her Papa. She is like Mauli, and wants to be like her. Mauli tells Mishti to depart the beyond behind, she will’t take the selections of her existence based totally on what her dad and mom did and undergo. She have to place a surrender her coronary heart and concentrate to the impulse guiding you thru the right direction. It must be hard to choose among Pari and Rohan, and she or he selected Pari. This decision supposed watching her love with a person else; this shows she is certainly Mauli’s Mishti. She is in fact Mauli. Mishti feels proud of herself for those phrases. Mauli walks towards the balcony, then asks Mishti to count on for once that Pari were given her love. but does she think Rohan will keep Pari happy. Mishti replies off path. Pari could surely healthy Rohan, she is very quality and could dearly love Rohan. everyone want to spend his lifestyles with someone who loves him. She is certain Rohan will live fortunately with Pari. Mishti was additionally happier with Popsy for the identical cause. Mauli hugs Mishti and wipes her tears.

the next morning, Mishti walks close to the parking. She thinks she ought to soon do something to make Rohan fell in love with Pari. Veer involves her and asks why she is tensed. Mishti abruptly tells Veer that they should marry each different. She got the Varmala, which they both can put on by way of themselves. she can placed on Sindoor and they must ship the snap shots to Rohan. Veer stops Mishti and tells her to reflect onconsideration on it, why she is ruining her personal lifestyles. She loves Rohan dearly and he is familiar with how a great deal. She need to deliver Rohan someday and wait for the matters to fall in vicinity. It doesn’t matter how correct they appear collectively, the trouble is that Rohan may go away Pari’s existence in conjunction with her as properly. The trouble is to unite Pari and Rohan. Mishti concurs to Veer, and says she was worked up, was selfish and handiest notion about herself. She must think about Pari now. She throws the Varmala away.

Rohan walks to his room. He felt depressing for whatever Mishti had stated and watches her pix. He watches Mishti come to his room. Mishti complains if he could be given her words so easily and fell gloomy. He should have taken her by way of force, and marry her. She changed into simplest testing him and he failed. Rohan hugs Mishti and says he desires to marry her nowadays. because she was checking out him, he doesn’t want to fail. he’s going to marry her today. He picks her in his hands and is going to the balcony. Mishti says there may be no Baraati, or even any Pandit for wedding mantra. He makes her sit down on the bench then points closer to the sky. He says Stars are baraati, and moon is the Pandit. He can say it if she doesn’t, i love you. Rohan opens his eyes and sits up in bed on the knock on door. He realizes it changed into his having a pipe dream. He realizes the balcony door was nonetheless locked. He now solutions the door knock. It changed into Pari and complains why he didn’t answer for see you later. She notices Rohan became tensed and asks her to go away him by myself. Pari insists on him to percentage it with a pal. Rohan shouts at her to depart him alone. Pari walks out of the room in tears. Rohan feels terrible for her, she goes to the balcony. He comes to make her up and apologizes for the misbehavior. Pari concurs she need to have given him some private space.

Rohan involves Mishti’s room even as she lay on the mattress. He silently walks interior, shuts Mishti’s mouth with a cloth piece and consists of her over his shoulder. Mishti recalls the kidnapping by using goons that Veer’s dad and mom had deliberate. in the balcony, Rohan attempts to calm Mishti down, and says he shouldn’t have brought her right here like this. He opens her mouth. She hugs Rohan tightly, then backs up right away and hits his chest. She questions how dare he, she hates this about him. He goes revenguous for whatever that is going towards him. Why he can’t go away her on my own. Rohan says he can’t. he’s well aware she is suffocating now, she did while with Veer in advance as nicely. there’s peace on her face while she is with him, and she or he can’t deny marrying him for cash. Mishti says it’s clear, she doesn’t marry Rohan and that is it.

PRECAP: Pari tells Rohan it’ll take her a while to recognize his temper and likes or dislikes. She guarantees to always try to understand him before her own consent. Mishti tells Rohan to prevent this love expression, she become pressured earlier however isn’t anymore. She belongs to Veer now, and gained’t spare him if he tries to intrude in her life again.


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