Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 11th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

SBRK 11 Apr scene begins with Mishty. She gets ready breakfast for Ruhaan and goes to his room. Mishty leaves a note for Ruhaan.

Ruhaan peruses the note. He converses with himself by saying that why Mishty is by and large so minding towards him. He grins contemplating his past minutes with Mishty.

Pari reveals to Arnav that she is enamored. Arnav gets enchanted. In any case, soon Arnav slips into despondency when Pari expresses that she cherishes Ruhaan.

Mishty calls Veer. Veer abstains from accepting her calls.

Pari shares her affections for Ruhaan with Arnav. Su catches their discussion. Pari inquires as to whether Ruhaan additionally adores her or not.

Arnav encourages Pari to proceed to get some information about his sentiments.

Mishty leaves a voice message for Veer and demands him to converse with her once. Radhika catches this. Veer gets passionate.

Pari embraces Arnav and apologizes to him for offering her emotions to him in spite of the way that she realizes that he cherishes her.

Radhika shares her torment with Ruhaan. She attempts to influence him to comprehend that Mishty is honest. Ruhaan says he isn’t angry with Mishty.

Precap Upcoming Silsila Badalte Riston Ka scene update: Ruhaan helps Mishty.


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