Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 16th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Veer says to Misty that he need that Ruhaan and Pari assume all liability of their marriage, after all they both arranged Misty’s birthday so well.. He further include that he don’t need Misty to take strain of their marriage, since 2 months are left and he need her to be free.. I trust you wouldn’t fret?? Hazy says truly, shocking😨 Ruhaan, Pari smiles😊… Misty and Veer goes from that point..

Radhika accompany buttermilk and get some information about them?? Pari relexs her truism all is well.. Radhika offer Buttermilk🍶 to Ruhaan and state thank for settling their battle, yet Ruhaan is appear to be lost.. Radhika ask him again and he state No and look tragic and baffled. Pari says Veer and Misty are love❤ Birds🐥🐥,who can battle yet can’t survive without each other..they

are each other world🌍 and she is glad.. Ruhaan goes, when pari ask where he was going?? Ruhaan answer to meet companions and goes from that point..

Hazy is remaining in overhang and think🤔now all is well and concurred for everything, except why I feel troubled and right.. Veer come there and embrace her from back..she snap him off.. Veer enquire about her changed conduct and ask would she say she is still angry😠😡?? Foggy state no. He ask then for what valid reason she doesn’t look fine?? It is safe to say that you are fine with Ruhaan and pari cooperating?? Foggy fakes her smile🙂 and state indeed, they both have great tuning and comprehension.. Veer take a gander at her and she ask what is he looking?? Veer again state she look changed?? Foggy state all is well and turn her face..

Pari, Misty, Radhika are eating when Ansh arrive and get some information about nourishment cooked🍱?? Everybody act irate and weird.. He request plate from Pari, Radhika and Misty yet they don’t act.. He is going to go when Misty serve him lighter and ciggratte!! He take a gander at her suprise😨… Misty says we have cautioned you once and you are in such age where each kid need to have a go at everything out of curosity, however everything has set age to do all things, we can disclose to you what’s going on and what is correct, yet you need to take choices and you will be proprietor of your choice exclusively… Just than Ruhaan comes and ask Radhika, if its alright he is late consequently as he has some work?? Radhika state no issue.. He is going to go, when Ansh request that he make family comprehend that he said sorry even!! I won’t rehash it.. Ruhaan smile😊 and state they know best for you and goes!!

Hazy convey beer🍾 and state to Ansh to have 4 ciggratte and bear🍾 thinking as chapaties and buttermilk, your total feast.. Ansh state sorry again and hold pari and hazy leg and request forgivness.. Dim hold his ears.. Ansh state I realize these things are wrong and I will toss them in dustbin, Pari, Misty and Radhika smile😊 and ansh take them towards dustbin, he quietly keep 2 ciggratte and lighter in his pocket and toss beer🍾 and 2 ciggratte in dustbin..

Veer and Ruhaan are drinking beer🍾.. Veer converse with Ruhaan that how Misty changed his life totally and its wonderful.. What’s more, get some information about his fantasy young lady?? Ruhaan redirect saying that story has no future.. Veer say I think you are in love❤ that young lady and some time or another I will discover her definately.. I know you since youth and we are closest companions, I generally share my heart yet you not, he further include that it is possible that you know it that you are in love❤ or its muddled that you haven’t understood till now.. Ruhaan state Yes I cherish her.. Furthermore, remember🤔 his and Misty minutes… Veer say I knew it!! What’s more, get some information about young lady subtleties?? Ruhaan state I can’t impart to you and can’t call it cherish even.. Veer say you told this and I will discover rest.. What’s more, both beverage beer🍾 and see moon🌙..

Next morning, foggy is cleaning house🏠, and she chasten ansh for not to play football⚽ or play outside and pari for talking📱 to clinet while meandering all over.. Just than doorbell ring and pari see from key gap that its Veer and his family.. Each of the 3 kin surge and set house🏠.. Radhika is going to open entryway when pari advise her that its veer and his family.. Ruhaan come and inquire as to why nobody is opening door🚪?? Pari request that he open and all surge inside to prepare..

Ruhaan open entryway and embrace veer and welcome His Mom and Dad.. Veer inquire as to why nobody was opening door🚪, is nobody at home?? Ruhaan state everybody is inside.. What’s more, take them inside.. Ruhaan serve them water🍶.. At the point when Veer bother him saying simply cover is missing and he will turned out to be recently married lady of the hour.. His mother ask not to prod companions this way!! Veer say he is companion that is the reason I am prodding him.. What’s more, request that he keep it up, it will help in future.. Ruhaan state shut-up..

Veer get some information about hazy?? What’s more, heads inside, simply then cloudy touch base with shroud.. Ruhaan is suprised😨 to see her like this.. Veer hold her and Misty feel awkward, which is seen by Ruhaan.. Ruhaan think🤔 he never observed Misty along these lines.. Cloudy welcome Veer’s folks.. Radhika appologise for keep them waiting..But veer’s mother say its fine.. In reality their is uplifting news that Misty and Veer wedding cards are being printed..

Precap: Misty is cleaning in kitchen and abruptly her sandle wipe and she slips.. Ruhaan come and lift her up


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