Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 19th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

SBRK2 19 Apr episode begins with Radhika. Arnav goes to Pari’s place and asks about Pari from Radhika. Arnav catches Ruhaan lauding Pari for his photography venture.

Arnav chooses to conceal Ruhaan’s camera. He sneaks into his room and removes his camera. Arnav shrouds the camera in Mishty’s storage room.

Ruhaan gets panicky on not discovering his camera clinched. Mishty seizes Ruhaan’s camera in her organizer.

Mishty looks through the photos in the camera and gets stunned to see her photos in the camera.

Radhika encourages Su to help Arnav as he is strained about his activity. Radhika says she will ask Veer to help Arnav.

Ruhaan sees Mishty with his camera. Mishty demands Ruhaan to erase her photos.

Ruhaan will not erase the snaps.

Mishty questions Ruhaan for not erasing the photos. Ruhaan states that the photos are an indication of their first gathering.

Arnav asks Radhika not to compel Veer to give him the activity. Su says thanks to Radhika for helping her dependably.

Ruhaan vents out his dissatisfaction concerning Mishty in alone. He chooses to erase the photographs however comes up short. He converses with himself and says he imparts an association with Mishty.

Arnav calls Pari. Pari accepts his call and says that she needs to converse with Ruhaan for some work. Arnav gets furious.

Mishty goes to Ruhaan’s room and loses all sense of direction in his musings.

Precap Upcoming Silsila Badalte Riston Ka episode update: Mishty keeps away from Veer.


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