Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 27th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Kunal remembers that Nandini left him because Mauli was pregnant and lied approximately it. He fell faint at another blurred imaginative and prescient of Nandini now getting clean.

Later, Kunal walks outdoor the condo. He wonders what this all is, who is Nandini and why he is considering her. His head banged badly. Mauli involves forestall Kunal and insists that he isn’t well and can’t power properly now. He shouts at Mauli ‘just forestall It Nandini’. Kunal screams in ache that who’s this Nandini. Mauli thinks she should put him in the little extra problem to help him regain his memory. She asks Kunal to suppose again who this Nandini is. Kunal turned into sick and asks for water. Mauli receives worried that he doesn’t appear well and goes internal to get water for Kunal. Kunal felt susceptible and receives into the automobile. He shuts his eyes and remembers marrying Nandini. He drives away.

Ishaan and Mauli come downstairs and notices Kunal’s automobile wasn’t there. Mauli changed into tensed and curses herself in tears.

Ishaan suggests that he and Mauli have to go in an opposite course to search for Kunal. in the automobile, Mauli calls Radhika and asks if Kunal has again. There, Ishaan thinks he can’t allow Mauli to blame herself for a lifetime and need to locate Kunal. He gets a call from Radhika and tells her that they are seeking out Kunal, he’s pretty enraged. He assures her that they will quickly find Kunal. Mauli becomes approximately to capture Kunal’s automobile and hurries to the driver to overhaul and prevent this automobile. She runs in the direction of the car, but it wasn’t Kunal inside. Mauli apologizes the stranger and gets into the car once more.

Kunal’s vehicle turned into stopped through a site visitors warden. He needs his license. Kunal’s turned into drooling over. The warden asks if he is under the influence of alcohol. Kunal pushes the warden away in an try and controls himself. Mauli had reached behind Kunal whilst he walks in advance on the road.

A van method them from the front. Mauli changed into able to push Kunal apart with the aid of was herself hit. Kunal turns round to find Mauli mendacity at the floor, her head bleeding badly. He calls the crowd to assist and requests an automobile driver for the assist. Mauli becomes unconscious when Kunal takes her to the health centre.

PRECAP: Kunal and Ishaan had been tensed for Mauli. Radhika and Dida pray for her lifestyles.


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