Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 28th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

SBRK 28 Feb episode starts with Kunal speeding Mauli to the sanatorium. Kunal informs Radhika and Dida about Mauli’s twist of fate. Radhika and Dida get livid and rush to the health facility too. Radhika informs Ishaan approximately Mauli’s twist of fate.

Mauli’s treatment starts. Kunal prays for Mauli’s nicely being.

Radhika, Dida, and Ishaan attain the sanatorium. they all very worried approximately Mauli. Kunal gets infuriated to see Ishaan. He asks Radhika to send Ishaan back.

Mauli comes out of the operation theatre. The medical doctors inform Kunal and family that Mauli’s operation became a hit, however, she remains essential. They add that Mauli’s heart isn’t always pumping blood in a regular way and if she doesn’t gain consciousness in time, she might be in a risky situation.

Kunal, Radhika, Dida, and Ishaan pray for Mauli’s health. Kunal is still having a glimpse from the past.

Mauli profits recognition. Kunal hugs her in front of Ishaan. Mauli takes Mishty and Pari’s call, which bothers Kunal. medical doctors give a green chit to Mauli. They allow Kunal to take her home. Kunal asks Mauli to re-start the life with him and receives dizzy.

Mauli, Radhika, and Dida call the medical doctors.

The written replace of 28 February 2019 Silsila Episode full tale ends.

Precap: Upcoming Silsila Badalte Riston Ka episode Update Ishaan asks Mauli to leave him


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