Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 30th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

SBRK2 30 Apr episode begins with Mishty tossing sand on the goons and fleeing. Pari, Ansh, and others are stressed over Mishty.

Su spurs Pari to be solid. Pari reprimands herself for all the confusion. Su and Arnav attempt to comfort her with their words.

Mishty covers herself with leaves and covers up in a pit. Ruhaan gets out Mishty’s name. Mishty listens to his voice and happens to the pit.

Mishty surges towards Ruhaan and embraces him. The goon sees Mishty and pursues her. The goons head towards Mishty and Ruhaan.

Mishty and Ruhaan trap the goons and flee. The goons tail them. The couple avoids the goons.

Mishty tumbles down. Ruhaan falls over her. The two spend a nearby minute. They embrace one another. All of a sudden, Ruhaan makes tracks in an opposite direction from Mishty.

Mishty pines for in torment. She holds Ruhaan to facilitate the agony. The two lovebirds gaze at one another and are going to kiss.

Veer comes there alongside the cops discovering Mishty. Veer embraces Mishty and gets pleased to see her fine. Ruhaan gets desirous seeing Mishty and Veer together.

Mishty questions in the event that she is infatuated with Ruhaan or not.

The composed update of 30 April 2019 Silsila season 2 episode full story closes.

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