Simi Garewal On Kangana Ranaut: 'A powerful man tried to end my career'

After the suicide of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput, the debate about nepotism and favoriteism continues in Bollywood. People are constantly giving their opinion on social media, whereas in the film corridors it is no less discussed. Actress Kangana Ranot has completely opened her front and has directly accused many celebrities by taking names.

Following the bold statements of Kangana, now there have been reactions to support and opposition of Kangana. Many film personalities have supported Kangana’s talk, while many are putting their point against Kangana. Meanwhile, Bollywood’s famous actress Simi Garewal has also come forward in support of Kangana and has told her story.

He has made some tweets in support of Kangana, which are becoming quite viral and they are being discussed. While supporting Kangana, Simmi said that a powerful person had tried to end her career, but she kept quiet. She also says that Kangana is more courageous than him and she is not as brave as Kangana, because of this she remained silent.

The actress wrote in her tweet, ‘I appreciate Kangana Ranot, who is more courageous than me. However, only I know how a ‘powerful’ person tried to end my career. I kept quiet. Because I am not so brave … ‘Apart from this, he tweeted another, in which he also mentioned the media interview of Kangana, in which Kangana asked to return Padma Shri.

In the tweet, Simi wrote, ‘I don’t know how you felt after watching Kangna’s interview, but I am disappointed by it. I am troubled to know what Sushant Singh Rajput endured … and many ‘outsiders’ suffer in Bollywood … this must change.’ Apart from these, many celebrities are talking in support of Kangana.


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