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Viraj’s veins turn blue as properly and he screams. Vrinda smiles. Viraj falls subconscious. Vrinda and her sisters join their powers to create more snakes who method Viraj and chunk him again and again. Vrinda says the same poison towards which Sitara started out a war is now in Viraj’s veins. i have made Viraj a Vishpurush. this is my master stroke!

Sitara is pacing worriedly outside the palace. wherein is Viraj? I checked everywhere however couldn’t locate him. Viraj returns just then. His garments are bit torn. She asks him about his whereabouts but he is taking walks in a trance. She holds his hand however he shrugs it away. She falls down. What came about to him? He in no way behaved this way earlier than. She follows him inner.

Albeli asks Vrinda why they may be sparing Viraj simply because he have become Vishpurush. we will kill

Sitara thru him. Surili nods. Our problems may be over this manner. Vrinda indicates them to attend a little. this is my master stroke. I don’t need to waste it. We must think thru earlier than taking any step. Viraj’s transformation is still not complete. He has changed physically but he has to benefit powers. Sitara could be very effective. she will be able to kill every body! it will be very hard for every body to kill Sitara. We should assume loads before doing some thing. Vishpurush will get his other powers at the ninth night time of Navratri. He turns into the most effective Vishpurush on that night. He can not be modified in human in a while. Surili asks her if Viraj can still develop into a human right now. Vrinda nods. Sitara can do this in these 9 days. Our efforts can go in useless. She suggests a bottle to her sisters. it is Viraj’s blood. Diya is slowly mixing Sitara’s poison in Viraj’s body. After 9 days his blood will change into poison. He will become a Vishpurush in each sense that day! He can be capable of kill Sitara then. We need to maintain a watch on Sitara until then so she can not make him a human ever once more. as soon as we are past Kalratri, poor Sitara could be useless! She is giving a atypical gift to her husband. She is turning her husband right into a Vishpurush through her very own poison!
Yamini is having hassle deciding on what to wear from Lakshmi’s garments. She asks Arjun to help her but he asks her if she has lost her thoughts. these clothes and jewelry belong best to Bhabhi Sa. She suggests her right on the whole thing and shouts at him but he warns her to shut up. You are getting grasping and forgetting each restriction. Open your eyes. Vrinda and her sisters are very foxy. they’re the use of you for their hidden plan. they may throw you out in their lives the day they get what they want! She laughs it off. He wants to go back the whole lot to Lakshmi however Yamini keeps a sword round his neck. i’ve received this after a number of hard paintings. We can’t lose this so without difficulty. He tells her she is alone in this. i’d have supported you plenty till date however what do you need to prove to me by way of doing this today. Do you desire to benefit all this with the aid of pushing me faraway from you? Yamini goes quiet.

Sitara is preserving Viraj’s hand and has fallen asleep next to his mattress. Viraj wakes up with a headache. he’s perplexed to see her napping at the ground. Why is she sleeping right here? What befell? He tries to wake her but feels dizzy. She wakes up simply while he sits up. Are you best? He replies that he turned into going to make mattress tea for him however felt dizzy. She tells him to lie down. He notices the wound in her hand and gets concerned. She asks him if he does not take into account how she got this wound. He denies. She is positive something strange is happening with Viraj. He wants to practice ointment but she assures him it will be best. She is going to deliver turmeric milk for him. VIraj sits on the brink of the mattress and suddenly unearths Diya holding his hand. How did she come here? She turned into inside the cot! He lifts her in his palms. He feels surprise the instant he holds Diya’s hand. He falls down at the bed and passes out.

Lakshmi collides with Sitara. Sitara holds her. She questions Vrinda why she is behaving this manner with Rani Ma. Vrinda advises her to ask Lakshmi. Sitara asks Rani Ma who factors at Devi Ma’s idol. Vrinda wishes the idol to be removed so she will be able to put any other idol there. Sitara warns them towards it. Servant reminds her that this is the order of recent Maharani. We should abide via it. Rani Sa tells them in opposition to it. it has been located her by ancestors. we can be doomed if this idol is shifted from here. She tells Yamini to provide an explanation for to Vrinda. Vrinda asks Lakshmi how normally she has warned her no longer to intervene between her choices. Why are you even opening your mouth? She is about to hit Lakshmi but Sitara holds her hand. i have simply twisted your hand today due to what you did today however i will damage it in case you attempt doing this once more! Vrinda tells her to mention it to someone else. it’s far as much as me as to how I behave! take into account. Sitara reminds her she were given this proper for only a month. You aren’t a Queen. This idol has been right here on the grounds that decades. You can’t shift it from here. Do you understand?

Sitara tells Lakshmi no longer to worry. Your DIL promises you that this idol wont go everywhere. you may come with me to my domestic for puja. there’s an idol there too. Lakshmi tells her to let or not it’s. i’m able to visit temple. Sitara requests her to come to her son’s residence. It belongs as a great deal to you, your son as a whole lot it belongs to me. She folds her fingers and requests her.

Sitara is surprised to peer Viraj slumbering once more. He became feeling vulnerable and dizzy. Lakshmi nods and turns away. Rani Sa and Sitara begin doing puja. Viraj wakes up with a begin (with pink eyes). He starts throwing stuff angrily shocking both the ladies. He even pushes his mother who gets harm inside the system. Sitara is taken aback seeing his behaviour.

Precap: Sitara freezes Viraj using her powers however his eyes flip blue and his nails grow longer. He frees himself in a second. Sitara seems at him in surprise.


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