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Viraj continues throwing stuff angrily in his room. Sitara freezes Viraj using her powers however he frees himself in a second. His eyes turn blue and his nails grow longer proper in front of Sitara’s eyes. those modifications stun her. Vishpurush! when did they play this move? He jumps out of the window and runs out of doors closer to the jungle. Sitara follows him. She is available in the front of him from some other course in an effort to prevent him. Viraj’s veins flip blue / pink as he stands still. He will become a Vishpurush in the front of Sitara and growls at her. He lunges at Sitara however she ducks. He comes face to face with a wood cutter. He bites the guy who dies due to poison. Viraj fails in his attempts to connect Sitara. She tries to remind him that she is his spouse but it jewelry no bell in his mind. She tells him to forestall. i’m your

Sitara! She closes his eyes simply while he is ready to assault her head on. He recollects their wedding and faints. Sitara receives tensed.

Sitara tucks Viraj in his bed. Lakshmi asks her what came about to Viraj. Sitara replies that she can’t tell her whatever as of now. i will simplest tell you that Vrinda Ma and her sisters are chargeable for it. they are no everyday girls. they’ve harm all and sundry. They aren’t as easy as they seem like. so one can is incorrect! Lakshmi says Maharaj informed me this himself. Sitara again says I cannot inform you how she cheated you however she has cheated you. Take back the whole thing as quickly as you can. agree with me for Viraj’s sake. Rani Sa says a way to trust the individual that has killed my husband. Sitara folds her fingers in front of her. I dint kill Baba Sa. I don’t recognise how to prove it to you. i’m able to most effective inform you that i have punished the one who has killed Baba Sa. Rani Sa asks her who it is. Sitara takes Chabeeli’s name. You can not see her these days, right? Vrinda Ma should have advised you a protracted story about her disappearance however fact is, i’ve punished her for her misdeed! Lakshmi is in a repair. I don’t recognise who I should trust. I simplest recognize I can not love Viraj now. Sitara thinks she understands however her pain but she wont be able to take it if she unearths out the truth. I should make Viraj a human at any price!

Yamini requests Albeli to attend a bit greater. i’m speakme to Arjun. he’ll make the effort to understand. Arjun tells her it’s going to take no time. I wont listen to some thing you assert after nowadays! He additionally tells Albeli to take into account that he’s going to never sell himself. what is going to you advantage with the aid of spending a night time with me? What if I don’t concentrate to what you’re announcing? what’s going to you do? Yamini tells him she is speaking however Arjun warns her to be quiet. You wont speak after nowadays! He again turns his attention to Albeli. I just need to recognise. Albeli holds him by means of his collar. we will kill you similar to we killed your elder brother mercilessly! Are you afraid? when we can kill the Maharaj openly then what are we able to do to you! Her eyes exchange coloration. Yamini and Arjun get involved. Albeli tells Arjun to do as she says or he’ll die for no motive. How will your spouse look in cotton white saree? It wont look accurate proper? She pushes Arjun away angrily whose face is purple with fear. Albeli tells Yamini it’s far her closing chance. assume through and decide! You wont get a danger to repent later on! She walks out of the room.

Vrinda vows to get Surajgarh into Mahamata’s manipulate very soon. i’m able to convey your lineage forward. you will rule Surajgarh then! Sitara tells her now not to even think about this in her desires. Navratri is ready to begin. The peace will restore in my house via the ninth day! I wont allow your Mahamata step her foot in my house! Vrinda tells her so much satisfaction isn’t true. She shows Viraj’s blood to her. it is turning blue slowly. You wont be capable of do something the day it turns blue absolutely. Your husband will develop into a Vishpurush on the ninth day! He might be greater powerful than you! You wont be able to show him right into a human ever again then. I promise you i can break your husband’s lifestyles! He might be my puppet then! Sitara smiles. The story is first-class however it will simplest continue to be a story. i’m able to do Devi Ma’s puja in front of you in the course of Navratri. Its effect and Ma’s blessings will quit each evil! i’m able to shop Viraj and you may lose over again! Vrinda says it will advantage when i’m able to will let you pray inside the first region. I wont allow it appear at any price! Sitara asks her if she will be able to win over Devi Ma. Vrinda factors at Mahamata. Now this war isn’t between us but among my Mahamata and your Devi Ma! we’re simply pawns. Sitara accepts her venture. I accept as true with my Devi Ma completely. She makes proper win over evil. i can await day after today. Vrinda says we can see.

Sitara is sitting subsequent to Viraj whilst he wakes up with a headache. He wonders what’s going on to him. I feel so susceptible and this headache isn’t going! I don’t take into account anything! She asks him if he does now not do not forget whatever. He says I simplest keep in mind that something befell on my returned when you left. I exceeded out then. I don’t bear in mind something. She gives to convey medicine however he says it is as if my veins are stretching. there may be something that I don’t don’t forget! She advises him no longer to over suppose. Lie down. the whole thing could be excellent. Diya starts offevolved crying. Sitara selections her in her arms. She feels dizzy the instant she touches Diya’s hand. She pacifies her and maintains her returned in her pram. She is concerned seeing Viraj in ache. Navratri starts the following day. i’m able to do the whole thing for you and this house’s sake!

next morning, Sitara prays to Devi Ma that it is the toughest battle of her existence. It isn’t just between me and my mom anymore however between wrong and proper. I need your help on this. She chants Vakratunda Mahakaye mantra.

then again, Vrinda is doing Mahamata’s puja. She creates a sand idol.

Sitara and Padmini are doing puja of their residence temple. Padmini plays conch. Badi Ma may say something however I believe you similar to Viraj Bhai trusts you. I understand you dint do some thing incorrect. Ia m with you in this.

Vrinda creates a big idol out of sand and begins chanting some mantra. Her sisters look on in shock as the sand idol starts offevolved shaking on its own. A bull appears there. Vrinda throws special dirt on it to bring it to life.

Sitara prays to Devi Ma to assist her fight with this evil.

Vrinda subsequent orders the bull to break Sitara’s Navratri puja.

The bull appears from nowhere inside the palace when Sitara and Padmini are doing puja. all of us else runs helter-skelter.

Precap: Viraj gets hit once more while Diya touches Viraj. Sitara brings Prasad for them however Diya throws it away. Sitara wonders how Viraj abruptly turned so calm. She looks at Diya and wonders if it is due to her.


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