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The bull shows up from no place in the royal residence when Sitara and Padmini are doing puja. Every other person runs haphazard. Padmini and Sitara hold up. Sitara acknowledges it is her mom’s arrangement. Padmini asks Sitara how to handle this bull. Sitara advises her to close her eyes. She appeals to Shailputri Ma to support them. Bull is Nandi ji’s symbol. It would be ideal if you help us, Ma. Padmini advises the bull to clear out. She advises the watchmen to shoo the bull away yet they are especially reluctant to confront the bull. Padmini moves just before the bull can assault her. Vermilion spreads on the floor. The bull pulverizes castle property and even damages individuals. Sitara stands confronting the bull. You can do anything besides I wont give you a chance to make a hindrance in my puja. She tosses vermilion on the bull. Padmini requests that her turn aside however there is a

Shivlinga on the floor made due to the vermilion. Sitara grins as the bull stops in his tracks. She approaches the bull to go along with them for the aarti. The bull takes a gander at the shivlinga and afterward vanishes.

Vrinda yells furiously. Sitara has thwarted my arrangement by controlling the bull! She is going to break the icon yet her sisters stop her. It will mean fate for us generally!

Sitara apologizes to Devi Ma for moving Dhaan (paddy/rice) from the sanctuary.

Vrinda is as yet positive she will win. You may have won the move however you wont win. I guarantee this to myself and Mahamata! Simply pause and watch!

Padmini asks Sitara who is behind this and for what valid reason. Sitara informs her beginning and end concerning Vrinda and her sisters. Padmini asks her how she got some answers concerning this. Sitara consents to disclose to her this at the ideal time. At the present time I need to sow this Dhaan here in order to spare it from Vrinda. Padmini consents to support her. Vrinda can get some answers concerning this as well. Sitara advises her to protect the diya lit before Devi Ma and remains back to defend the Dhaan.

Vrinda will not let Sitara win without fail. She has made a shield around herself so we can’t make sense of where she has shrouded the Dhaan. Her sisters ask her what they will do now. Vrinda says 8 days are still left. Till when she will escape us? I wont let her puja complete!

Yamini laments tolerating Albeli’s offer. Arjun says this was the reason I was guiding you to stop yet you were acting like a total trick. Nobody will trust us in view of what you have done before! Yamini guides him to quit chastening her and think about an exit plan. Arjun thinks about Sitara’s words. She warned us against Vrinda and her sisters however we dint hear her out! She is the special case who can spare us. She is by all accounts amazing than these individuals. Yamini asks why Sitara will support them. Arjun says she is a pleasant person not at all like you. I will converse with you. She will hear me out!

Viraj awakens and is stunned to acknowledge it is early afternoon. For what reason would i say i was resting till early afternoon? Where is Sitara? Diya begins crying. Viraj lifts her in his arms however experiences a similar encounter. Sitara is going to give him Prasad yet Diya drops it. Sitara takes her from Viraj. She makes her rests in her pram once more. She sees Viraj feeble again and takes a gander at Diya. She holds out the bowl of Prasad for Viraj. He tastes it. Sitara thinks about how he quieted down all of a sudden. What’s influencing him to such an extent? She takes a gander at Diya eagerly. She reviews how he got stunned once when he had lifted Diya in his arms. She pushes the idea away.

Vrinda reveals to her sisters to pause. Sitara has kept a quick where she can’t drink anything. She drones a mantra. A wad of flame shows up from the diya. Vishkanya’s begin feeling parched and drink water. Vrinda pushes the ball out in air. I will perceive how Sitara finishes her quick at this point!

Sitara offers Prasad to her MIL however she inquires as to whether she endeavoring to rub salt to her injury by reminding her she can’t do this puja. Sitara shakes her head. I came to call you to do puja with me. How about we do this puja together for the wellbeing of our family. We have to appeal to God for the prosperity of our family.

Surili inquires as to whether Sitara sees this ball. Vrinda advises her to think carefully some of the time. This will be close Sitara however she wont almost certainly observe it!

Lakshmi will not do puja with Sitara. Leave. The bundle of flame shows up over Sitara’s head. Sitara begins feeling overwhelming as she leaves the room. For what reason am I perspiring so much all of a sudden? She is notwithstanding feeling parched and experiences difficulty strolling. Arjun and Yamini approach Sitara. He gets some information about the bull episode yet Sitara is by all accounts lost. She goes out in their arms. Arjun takes her to her live with Yamini managing them. Viraj alarms seeing Sitara’s condition.

Vrinda says Sitara should drink water to remain in a good place again. Her quick will break along these lines! They giggle.

Viraj gets some information about Sitara. Arjun says we were conversing with her when she go out. Yamini focuses at Sitara’s dry lips. Arjun includes that it is a result of extraordinary lack of hydration. Viraj thinks to bring water however Yamini reasons that Sitara has kept a quick. She has pledged not to drink water! Viraj answers that it doesn’t make a difference. No quick is more noteworthy than her wellbeing. He brings water for Sitara.

Vrinda tastes water. Presently Sitara’s quick will break!

Precap: Viraj comes to royal residence in his Vishpurush symbol. Sitara approaches him when he holds her hand. He endeavors to nourish her water yet she battles with the kalash.


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