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Vrinda and Chabeeli were worried what if Surili’s toes are burnt inside the temple. Vrinda turned into clueless how she has been able to compete the ritual without any burning in her ft. Rani Sa takes her to the marriage. The bride and groom have been asked to stand for wedding ceremony rounds. Vrinda speaks to Chabeeli that they are close to their destination. Chabeeli wonders how Viraj can establish any members of the family with Surili after he has visible her. Vrinda asks her to agree with her, she says they may flip the lighting in their rooms off. once they have installed the relation, Viraj would be dead and they’ll get a new generation. once a man marries a Vishkanya, he can’t be saved.
Viraj whispers to the bride traumatic to look the face, but she denies eliminating her veil.
After the wedding rounds, Viraj had to fill the hairline.

Vrinda involves guard the veil and tells Viraj he can most effective see the face of his bride on wedding ceremony night. Viraj complains it’s a check of his patience. Rani Sa tells Viraj he need to abide by way of Sitara’s mom and their rituals. Afterwards, Vrinda and Chabeeli congratulate every different.
After Grahapravesh, all people ask Rani Sa to put off Sitara’s veil now, of their family its completed by way of a mom in regulation. Rani Sa changed into about to take away the veil for Munh Dikhai. Vrinda gadgets and asks her to examine Viraj’s face, it’d experience unjust with him that she lifts the veil herself. all and sundry consents to Vrinda. Viraj whispers to Sitara what’s the problem together with her mom. She doesn’t allow all of us get rid of her veil.
within the room, Vrinda asks Chabeeli if she has informed Surili well. Surili says she instructed her to turn the lights off before Viraj lifts her veil.
Viraj involves the room and unearths his bride nonetheless waiting inside the veil.
Vrinda and Chabeeli decide to go to Sitara with the best information that her first love is now her aunt’s husband.
in the room, Viraj attempts to existence the veil however the bride runs across the room. Viraj playfully chases her and changed into able to catch her. He changed into stunned to see as the bride pulls a dagger setting it proper over his chest. Viraj thinks he’s going to truly lift the veil besides. The bride ran the other facet yet again. Viraj carefully pulls the dagger off her hand.
Vrinda and Chabeeli locate Albeli unconscious. Albeli tells Vrinda how Sitara blanketed herself and left. Vrinda says Viraj has surely met Surili, else Surili need to have come to them. but in which is Sitara then.
Viraj gets rid of the veil off Sitara’s face.

PRECAP: Sitara demanding situations the Goddess of Vishkanya, and vows to show the reality of these Vishkanyas.


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