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Viraj notices Sitara’s saree. Why haven’t you modified? We should go to immerse the ashes. She asks him how she can go. He reasons that she is the DIL of the house. She wants to fulfil her promise to Baba Sa but tells him that Rani Sa will sense terrible seeing her there. He tells her to return alongside. You need to return alongside as you’re my spouse. She tells him to recognize however he’s taking her with him.

Arjun closes all of the home windows. A vase falls down startling him. Yamini pats at his shoulder startling him. She makes him sit down down as he looks panicked. She tells him to speak to Bhabhi Sa and Viraj as soon as the ritual is over. you have to deal with everything after Bhai Sa’s dying. He nods. She tells him it is time to rule and now not be afraid. He says Bhai Sa were given attacked as he turned into a King. What if I meet the equal destiny after becoming the King? She calls him a coward. Don’t do some thing. just sit right here! She makes a decision to do some thing now.

Rani Sa asks Viraj to come for the ritual. He holds Sitara’s hand. Rani Sa points out that she best requested him to come back. He asks her if Sitara cannot come along. Rani Sa once more calls her Ratan’s murderer. best our cherished ones and well-wishers will come with us. Sitara withdraws her hand. She also stops Viraj from reacting. Vishkanya’s provide to return along. Arjun asks them to are available some other automobile. Vrinda nods. sun will set at 6:thirteen PM. Sitara remembers her promise. Vrinda says we have to leave asap because the area is just too a long way. She smirks at Sitara earlier than they depart. Sitara is the most effective one staying in the back of. Vrinda tells her that she will be able to now not be capable of fulfil her promise ever. Get ready to die Sitara. all the nice! Sitara thinks she can do something however i’m able to fulfil my promise. Baba Sa’s assassin will surely die!

Chabeeli asks Vrinda why she agreed to go for the ritual. What if Sitara reaches there? Vrinda replies that Sitara wont find them there although she goes there. They head in any other path reassuring Chabeeli Sitara wont be able to find her at all. you will be safe until the time i am here.

Sitara lights a diya earlier than Ratan’s photo. She sends a pigeon to find out about Chabeeli’s hideout. The pigeon heads comes back inside as an alternative. Sitara chases the pigeon and figures out that Vishkanya’s are hiding in their room handiest.

Albeli and Surili do Vrinda’s manicure. Vrinda is glad with the luxuries one gets on the earth. They observe Chabeeli lost in her very own world. Her sisters inform her not to fear. Sitara ought to be busy in remaining rites. She wont be capable of come here. she will must kill herself as in keeping with her promise. Vrinda notices the pigeon losing a message for them and is bowled over. Surili offers the chit to her. it’s miles a message from Sitara – it would had been difficult to kill your sister with the aid of intervening within the last rites. you did the proper thing by using staying here. Now i will fulfil my promise without difficulty! Vrinda tears it angrily. Sitara confronts them. it’s miles five:30 PM. forty five minutes are still left in sundown. Be organized to lose the one that you love sister at 6:13 PM!

Vishkanya’s are in Vishloka. Vrinda tells Albeli to stand guard accompanied by Surili and then her. Chabeeli will stay in Vishloka. Sitara will ought to face anyone to reach you. although she succeeds in locating you, take into account that you’re a Vishkanya. Sitara can’t kill you. it could manifest best while making a decision to die! She might play any trick but don’t think of killing your self. you need to hold her lower back until 6:13 PM. she can lose afterwards. She notices tension on her sisters’ faces and reprimands them for turning susceptible. we’re four and she is on my own! Chabeeli reminds her that Sitara is more potent than all 4 of them together. Don’t you bear in mind what came about closing time? Vrinda says I don’t recall whatever. it’d be higher if you neglect it too. simply keep in mind that you don’t need to fall in her trap at any fee. Don’t think about loss of life even once! you may combat together with her and win too! Why do you neglect that we are status as your shield? We wont allow some thing appear to you! i’ve to devise to defeat Sitara. She wont be capable of win over us!

Sitara is doing aarti.

Vrinda tells Chabeeli she is secure till the time she is in Vishloka. She tells some thing to her sisters (in mute).

it’s far 6 PM. Sitara heads in the direction of Vishloka.

Chabeeli hugs her sisters one at a time.

Sitara passes through all of the gates.

A havan goes on for Ratan.

Sitara appears at one door in confusion. It does not open when she inches closer. The branches close by grab keep of Sitara and strangle her. Sitara passes out on the floor for a 2d however then cuts them the usage of her powers. The door opens.

Viraj comforts his mom for the duration of the havan. Yamini tells her husband to talk to each person after that is over. He concurs.

Albeli and Sitara have a face off. Sitara creates a guard round her earlier than Albeli may even assault her. Albeli fails miserably. Sitara hurls stones at her thereby hurting her badly. Albeli passes out. Sitara walks in addition internal.

Pundit ji tells Viraj to do the parikrama (rounds) of this place before beginning the very last ritual.

Chabeeli seems at the time. There are nonetheless 11 mins left.

Surili is shocked to see Sitara. Sitara warns her to step aside or she will meet the identical fate like Albeli. i’m 4 instances powerful than you. Surili recollects Vrinda’s caution phrases to Chabeeli. She pretends to let her pass. She creates Viraj’s phantasm to divert Sitara and traps her in a circle of fireplace. Sitara is miffed along with her for her puny processes. Surili mocks her. Sitara prays to Devi Ma to assist her in fulfilling her task. Surili laughs seeing her accordingly. Devi Ma blows strong wind. Surili is thrown far away. at the same time, Devi Ma douses the hearth. Sitara thanks Devi Ma. Surili is in no function to arise and faints.

Viraj takes a spherical around the havan area in which all of us is seated.

simplest eight minutes are left for sunset.

Vrinda is greatly surprised to look Sitara coming in the direction of her.

Precap Upcoming Sitara episode update: Sitara walks as much as Chabeeli. Chabeeli tells her it’s far 6:14 PM. You can’t damage me now. As in line with the bet, you ought to kill your self now. They each assault every different.


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