Sitara 22nd February 2019 Written Episode Update. Voot Sitara 22 February 2019 Full Episode of Colors Tv hindi drama serial Sitara full show episodes on Apne Tv.

Chabeeli has covered Kuldeep neck deep in dirt. She asks Kuldeep if he is in too much pain. Don’t worry. Your daughter will come to save you soon. On one hand, she will save you; while on the other hand, Didi will free the royal family. Sitara is in the house temple. I am at a crossroad Ma. Who should I save? My Baba’s life and the lives of Maharaj and his family are at risk at the same time. What should I do Ma? Please guide me.

Kuldeep says I have donated my daughter to the royal family. She wont come here to save me. She wont come here leaving the royal family alone. Chabeeli points out that he has donated his daughter but she hasn’t donated her father. She will surely come. Kuldeep is certain she wont come but Chabeeli is also sure Sitara will come.

Sitara finds her answer and wipes her tears. I know what I have to do. I need your support and blessings Ma. She does her tilak using the vermilion kept before Ma. I am going to play the biggest game of my life. Please give me strength. She hurries out of the royal palace. Vrinda enters just then with Albeli and Surili. Vrinda says a mother might not raise her kid but she knows her kid very well. I knew that Sitara will go to save Kuldeep and I was right. She sends Surili to kill Viraj. She instructs Albeli to kill Samrat and Arjun. I will punish Ratan Pratap Singh for his misdeeds! My mission will be accomplished today after so many years! Kalindi Didi’s soul will be finally at peace. Get ready to pay for your sins Rajvanshi’s. No one can save you from me now! Get ready to die Ratan Pratap Singh.

Chabeeli says you cannot be killed by us due to the boon that you have received from Mahadev. She cuts her palm and drops her blood near Kuldeep. Even if you survive from this grave, the wild animals wont let you live. They will smell it and find you! Goodbye Kuldeep Jija ji! She throws dirt over his face as well.

One wild animal gets attracted to the place where the blood droplet had fallen. It starts digging there. Surili comes to Viraj’s room. It is time to bid adieu to the world Viraj! She leans closer and her teeth grow longer. She tries to bite Viraj but it turns out to be a mannequin. She wonders where Viraj is! She fumes thinking about Sitara.

Sitara is looking everywhere for Kuldeep. The animal manages to dig a lot of dirt. Kuldeep alerts Sitara. Sitara stops in her tracks upon noticing it. She turns into her vishkanya avatar and pushes the animal away. The animal has turned angry because of the attack. He runs in her direction.

Vrinda and her sisters meet in a corridor and share that no one is in the palace. Where are they? Chabeeli joins them. Is Ratan and his family dead? Vrinda denies. Sitara has cheated us yet again. She has hidden the Rajvanshi’s at a safe place and then went to save Kuldeep. How long will they survive like this? They must be around somewhere. Search every corner and find them!

Kuldeep warns Sitara of the animal. Sitara uses her powers to fight with the animal. She manages to dig out Kuldeep but he notices the giant animal standing right behind her. Vishkanya’s don’t find any of the family members anywhere in the palace.The animal hits Sitara. She falls down in the process but gets up within a second. The animal has some powers too but Sitara is more powerful than him. The animal flees from the spot.

Vishkanya’s get restless upon not finding Viraj or his family anywhere in the palace. Vrinda uses her powers to find the some clue but is unable to catch any clue. Maybe Sitara has used her powers to shield them well. Albeli and Surili wonder which place could it be where Sitara must have kept them and would be certain that we wont look for them there. Vrinda realizes that Sitara would have hidden the Rajvanshi’s in south gate (Vishloka).

Sitara asks Kuldeep if he is fine. Kuldeep asks her why she is here. I told you that we need to protect the royal family. Nothing is more important than that. Your life is theirs now. She tells him she is both a protector and daughter. I have promised to protect the royal family till the time I am alive. Don’t you trust me? He is in panic mode. She tells him that she has vowed to make sure the Vishkanya’s are never able to reach the royal family. He insists that they are inside the palace. Sitara shares that the royal family is not there. They have been shifted to a safer place where the Vishkanya’s will never be able to reach. He asks her about it. She tells him that she has shifted the royal family to south gate (Vishloka).

Vrinda and her sisters come to Vishloka. Viraj and his family are lying unconscious there. Vrinda remarks that Sitara has offered her revenge to her in a plate. She has done very wrong! Now even God cannot save these Rajvanshi’s from me! Sitara enters just then and stands between the Vishkanya’s and Rajvanshi’s.

Precap: Sitara 22nd February 2019 Written Update. Sitara and Vrinda are fighting. Vrinda’s sisters look on helplessly. Sitara asks her mother why she is compelling her to kill her own mother. Vrinda asks her if she is threatening her mother. Sitara tells her not to insult mothers by calling herself a mother. She pushes Vrinda who gets hurt in the process. Vrinda shouts in pain.


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