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Yamini comes to her room and closes the door from interior. She asks her husband to step out of doors. Why are you hiding like a girl? He complains it isn’t so but she motives that he had a danger to prove his manhood nowadays. Be a man. The eagle enters of their room. Arjun and Yamini disguise as a way to avoid it. The eagle flies away. Arjun teases his wife. It’s long gone. Yamini appears round concerned. He asks her to shut the door. I told you that the chance isn’t over yet. go out of doors now. She denies. You too shouldn’t pass. Arjun is sure it isn’t an ordinary chook. some enemy has sent it right here mainly for me. Yamini seconds him.

Sitara starts to tell Viraj her fact when the conch blows. She takes him inside understanding that Rani Sa is praying for Ratan. Rani Sa prays for her husband’s nicely being. Yamini prays

that he in no way returns. Arjun prays that he turns into the new Maharaj now. Viraj asks Ma to assist him locate his father. Sitara says I should fulfil my responsibility and promise given to Baba. I can not allow a scratch come on Maharaj or my vow will spoil. Please help me Devi Ma. Samrat blows conch. Sitara notices the pearl garland around Devi Ma shining brightly. Rani Sa holds the vermilion container in her hand. you’ve got its swear Ma. Don’t hold my husband away from me. Sitara recalls how the thriller doors will be opened earlier. red pearl, white pearl, vermilion, all these things trace at the south gate! She folds her palms in reverence and is going from there.
Vrinda is dressed like a new bride. She looks at Ratan mendacity subconscious at the mattress in the front of her. no person can stop our lineage from growing now. She moves in the direction of him but Sitara keeps her hand between Vrinda and Ratan’s mouth shocking Vrinda. Sitara pushes her away. Your each desire will remain incomplete till the time i am status between you and the royal family. Vrinda asks her how she determined out she is here. Sitara replies that she may additionally have Mahamata on her side however i’ve Devi Ma. Vrinda says you’re too pleased with your Devi Ma. i will see how your Devi Ma will save you and your king these days. She drops droplets of her blood on the floor and an eagle surfaces. It attacks Sitara. Vrinda says i’m able to make Ratan mine in front of your eyes today. you’ll just stand right here helplessly. The eagle choices a stone and heads closer to Sitara. Vrinda orders him to kill Sitara as she heads in the direction of the bed where Ratan is lying unconscious. Sitara makes use of her powers to prevent the eagle. She finally ends up strangling him.

Vrinda lies subsequent to Ratan and starts unbuttoning his coat. Sitara holds her hand just in time and pulls her away. The eagle opens its eyes again. Sitara shouts Maa because the eagle hits her once more. She asks Devi Ma to help her. Devi Ma sends her powers to Sitara. She burns the eagle in a second. Vrinda takes a step towards the bed however Sitara warns her she will meet the same destiny if she tries touching Maharaj. Vrinda involves her Vishkanya avatar. You ought to now not be so happy with your powers. they may make you susceptible someday. you’re on my own while it is 4 of us. you will very soon fail in the front of us! i will make a relation with Ratan that day. That day will come very quickly! Sitara tells her it’s going to in no way take place. i’m able to inform your truth to anybody very soon. i can inform every person which you and your sisters are Vishkanya’s. Vrinda asks her who believes her. Ratan says I trust her and will constantly consider her. Sitara tells him the fact about Vrinda and her sisters. i’m additionally a Vishkanya. they’ve come to are looking for revenge for his or her sister Kalindi. believe me. You all knew about this however they stealthily wiped out your each reminiscence about them. they have got are available in cover to are trying to find revenge! I understand you will discover it to be a few story but it is our truth. Ratan tells her he trusts her. I won’t bear in mind my past but I very well recognise you wont cheat us ever! you will never deceive us! Vrinda tells him now not to agree with Sitara. how can you believe her? Sitara tells Ratan no longer to fall in Vrinda’s lure. Vrinda tries again however Ratan tells her no longer to utter some other phrase. I admire women so i’m speakme properly. If it was a guy on your vicinity then he might have met a different fate! it’ll be suitable if you and your sisters go away from right here! He asks Sitara to come. He again warns Vrinda not to mistake his silence for his weak point. i’m able to nevertheless maintain you and your sister’s captive right here if I need however i’m permitting you move human beings to head a ways from here. you may see my worst if you don’t go away! He leaves with Sitara.

Vrinda remembers how Kalindi had died. you probably did very wrong Sitara. you’ll must undergo its brunt now. You have to die now! you have invited your loss of life this time!

Sitara gives water to Ratan. Are you exceptional? He nods. sit down down. Sitara complies. Ratan says why dint you observed i’d refuse to simply accept you as my DIL after understanding your fact. i would ask you depart much like I asked the ones Vishkanya’s? Weren’t you scared a piece? Sitara says i am your Minister Kuldeep’s daughter. He made me the protector of this palace. nothing is above this dharma. It became my duty to prevent and not my reality. reality changed into going to pop out in front of all of us subsequently. i was about to inform Viraj my reality. I simply couldn’t understand how. Will you help me? Please tell Viraj my fact. tell him that I wont be capable of do my patni-dharma ever. He has each right to know it! Viraj asks her what she is speakme about. Sitara stands up noticing Viraj and Rani Sa.

Precap: Sitara and Viraj are lighting Holika Dahan. Vrinda and her sisters come there. Sitara reminds them about Holika Dahan tale. precise wins over evil. Your game is up! Viraj demanding situations Sitara. I will be the primary one to apply holi on you. She demanding situations him again. They pick out colorations of their arms. Sitara throws coloration inside the air but appears stunned with the aid of something.


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