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Viraj holds Sitara in his hands and cries. He lifts her in his fingers. Vrinda apologizes to Mahamata. You lost your life because of us! we’ve avenged for it even though. She holds her sisters’ hand. we have taken your and Chabeeli’s revenge by means of killing Sitara.

Humari Adhuri Kahani song plays as Viraj walks out of doors maintaining Sitara’s useless frame in his hands. He thinks of all their meetings from Day 1. He continues her body close to a tree in the jungle. how are you going to do that Sitara? how can you go away me on my own? He holds her hand and cries. Why did you try this? Why did you sacrifice your lifestyles for me? Why did you separate your self from me? A girl appears from the tree. Viraj appears on in confusion. who are you? He stands up startled however Hariyali tells him she wont do something. Don’t be scared. I can not agree with

that humans sacrifice their lifestyles for their loved ones even today. She proved your love and i can see your ache simply in your eyes. i’m able to loose you from this ache in case you need. He replies that most effective Sitara can ease out that ache. Can you come her life? Hariyali nods. Viraj says you’re mocking me even at this time. Wow! Hariyali uses her powers to revive Sitara. Viraj is taken aback. Hariyali tells him she is locked in this tree considering that a few years. i have acquired many powers from it. i will revive your spouse using those powers. Viraj requests her to do that. Take my lifestyles in alternate if you need. She smiles. You do have something which I need. i’ve two situations that you should accept. He accepts them without listening to them out. She tells him to let her live in the palace as a queen for 2 months. He unearths it ordinary to which she tells him that there may be a story behind it. i’m four hundred years vintage. i used to be from a completely bad family. I got here here upon getting attracted to the palace. I attempted getting inner stealthily but got stuck. Your powerful ancestors cursed me and made me stay in the tree. i have been waiting for nowadays in view that then. He asks her about her 2d circumstance. Hariyali says i’m able to let you know that at the right time. just fulfil my conditions. I promise you i can bring her again to life then.
Viraj brings Sitara and Hariyali to the palace. They disguise hearing a person’s footsteps. He brings them to a room where nobody comes. Hariyali opens the windows the use of her powers. strong wind begins blowing and plenty of leaves are available. Viraj asks her about it. It becomes a cot before their eyes. The home windows are closed through Hariyali. She also lighting fixtures a diya at the give up of the cot and hangs a kalash from the roof. Viraj maintains Sitara below it. Hariyali assures him that she can start Sitara’s treatment. she will be able to recover soon. He thanks her for her assist. They listen the sound of footsteps again. He tells Hariyali to live in the room and goes outside to check.

A cat meows. Hariyali goes outdoor to pet it. I knew that most effective you may make so much noise. How did you locate me even though? I realize that we have no one else. We can’t be at peace without seeing each different. It is right which you got here here. I felt peculiar here.

Yamini sneezes whilst eating apple. She realises it is because of hypersensitive reaction. Is there a few cat right here? She assessments with a servant but is informed that there is no cat within the palace. Yamini maintains sneezing. hold working. You wouldn’t realize anyhow.

Hariyali cleans the cat. Yamini notices them and is careworn seeing Hariyali. She asks her who she is. What’s this cat doing here? Shoo her away. i’ve allergy from cats. She shoos the cat away. Yamini looks at Hariyali from top to toe and laughs. Why are you dressed like this? Is there a few style display happening right here? go away. Hariyali replies that she is Viraj’s friend. i can stay right here. Yamini refuses to agree with it. go away quietly or i can throw you out of the palace too! Hariyali feedback that human beings reason destruction upon themselves. She causes sturdy wind and Yamini begins sneezing once more. Yamini walks away sneezing to herself. Hariyali decides to educate her a lesson for setting apart her from her cat.

Yamini looks at herself inside the reflect and shouts seeing a plant growing out of her hair. Even Arjun laughs seeing it. what is it? She tells him to snicker. the sector will in any case laugh on me now. He attempts to water it. She fails in pulling it out of her hair. Arjun tries too but fails. He cannot maintain himself returned from giggling.

Vrinda apologizes to Mahamata. A mom is like you only. She sacrifices her lifestyles for her youngsters. thanks for all which you have done for us until now. I promise you nowadays that i will kill Viraj and avenge your loss of life. Surili speaks of her promise to Sitara. Vrinda says promises are made to interrupt. I wont allow my Ma’s demise pass in vain. we are able to assault Viraj these days itself and kill him!

Precap Upcoming Sitara Episode Update: Hariyali chants something as she rubs some thing on Sitara’s wound. Sitara movements her hand.


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