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Ratan and Rani Sa dance on Soni Soni song. additionally they pull Yamini and Arjun for the dance. Padmini and Samrat additionally join them. The newlyweds are the ultimate one to sign up for their family.

Snakelets may be seen in every corner of the royal palace. Arjun makes faces as Yamini applies colour on him. She tells him not to play if he’s going to make such faces. He consents and beverages greater thandai / bhang.

Viraj and Sitara dance on primary Rang Sharbaton Ka. Surili appears on angrily. Vishkanya’s have a look at their respective objectives. Albeli stands next to Arjun. Sitara dances romantically with Viraj. Arjun throws shade in air announcing Holi Hai. He notices Albeli there and is confused. She runs away from there and washes colour off her face. Arjun starts searching out Albeli. He notices a female (Albeli) and thinks to ask her. She

walks away. Arjun wonders if he became dreaming. He calls out her call and goes to search for her. Vrinda rues that she can not move toward Ratan Singh even though there may be so much distraction around. Snakelets have spread all around the royal palace.
The royal own family is busy playing Holi. A servant asks Ratan to bring silver cash. Rani Sa wants to donate them. Ratan is of the same opinion. It seems to be Vrinda’s plan. Ratan heads inside. Vrinda and Chabeeli observe him. The snakelets surround Ratan as he collects the cash. where did they come from? Vrinda appears at him from the door. You concept we are able to go away quietly? I wont overlook my sister’s death so easily and wont even permit you to neglect it! you may ought to pay for it!

Sitara receives involved for Ratan as he is nowhere to be visible. She checks with a servant who stocks that she saw him going interior.

Ratan panics seeing so many snakelets around him. Vrinda hides behind the curtains. Ratan pulls at the curtain. The rod falls down. He hits the snakelets the use of it. They run out of the room upsetting Vrinda. She blocks his way as he attempts going outdoor. Sitara attempts going within the palace but the door is locked from inside. She appears round to make certain no person is calling at her and opens the door the use of her powers. She runs inner to test on Ratan.

Vrinda holds a snakelet which will become a dagger. Ratan says I told you not to return here once more. looks like you dint understand me. I wont spare you! He lifts the rod to connect her but Vrinda holds it back the usage of her powers. She stabs him across the neck. Sitara hears Ratan’s voice and receives tensed. Is some thing wrong? Vrinda hears Sitara’s voice. Ratan rushes out of the room. Vrinda thinks it is ideal that Sitara is here. Ratan runs inside the hall. Vrinda follows him.

Viraj does now not discover Sitara outdoor. maybe she went inside.

Albeli and Surili are certain it ought to be Sitara who opened the palace door.

Vrinda is following Ratan. He closes himself in one room. Vrinda sends snakelets internal to torture him. Chabeeli joins Vrinda. Sitara is interior. Vrinda nods. i’m able to tackle Ratan first and then Sitara. She opens the door and glares at Ratan. Chabeeli holds Ratan’s palms behind his lower back. Vrinda throws the dagger at Chabeeli who stabs him right in his coronary heart.

out of doors, someone throws water at Rani Sa’s hairline thereby spilling her vermilion. She gets worried.

Chabeeli stabs Ratan over again. by the time Sitara unearths Ratan, he is already stabbed. She tells him she wont allow whatever take place to him. She attempts taking the dagger out of his coronary heart but he tells her to appearance after his circle of relatives. Don’t allow whatever occur to him. She cries as he breathes his last. The dagger turns into a snakelet. Sitara holds it and it will become dagger all over again. Rani Sa enters just then. She is stunned to look Ratan’s condition. She rushes to her husband’s facet. awaken Maharaj, i’m here. Chabeeli and Vrinda are hiding behind the curtains.

Viraj wonders why Sitara is taking see you later. Vrinda and Chabeeli see Viraj coming and hide again. Viraj walks away with out noticing them.

Rani Sa blames Sitara for Ratan’s dying. Why did you kill him? Sitara drops the dagger in surprise. I came here to store him. Rani Sa pushes her hand away. Don’t contact him! stay away. She shouts for Viraj. Sitara tells her to consider her that she dint do whatever. Rani Sa shouts at her to be quiet. Viraj comes there and is bowled over to see her father as a consequence. all of the own family contributors come as properly. Viraj asks his mother who did this. She takes Sitara’s name. each person is taken aback.

Precap: Police has come to collect Ratan’s frame for 6b74cf6091d9a6c48475971cd6ba0acd. Rani Sa asks them to take Sitara. She has killed my husband. Punish her significantly!


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