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Mahamata suggests Rani Sa that it became Sitara who killed Ratan. Rani Sa says it approach Sitara most effective killed Maharaj! Vrinda smiles. Mahamata is handiest showing her what we’ve deliberate. Rani Sa imagines Ratan telling her no longer to spare his murderer. Sitara need to be punished. hold her away from Viraj’s existence. i am leaving the responsibility of Vrinda and her sisters on you. Take superb care of them. Get Viraj remarried to Surili. study out my will earlier than all of us. it’s far saved inside the cupboard. Get Sitara out of that house! She is answerable for some thing goes wrong in our family! Mahamata makes Rani Sa dizzy deliberately. She murmurs that Sitara is the perpetrator. Vrinda says it means Mahamata has spoke back your questions. Rani Sa says I wouldn’t have discovered out about it if had no longer come right here. She receives a name from Yamini and leaves. Vrinda praises Mahamata.
Viraj has introduced Sitara home. His mother slaps him. to procure so blinded by means of your love that you brought your Dad’s assassin domestic? You ought to be ashamed! He says i’m doing it as I know Sitara is harmless. i have continually supported what’s right and i am doing the identical these days! Rani Sa tells him he is incorrect this time. You don’t know the truth which I understand. i have seen the whole lot that befell that day. Viraj is stressed. Rani Sa tells him the entirety (in mute). Sitara best has killed your father! Sitara denies. Viraj tells his mom he can apprehend her ache. Don’t hassle your self extra with the aid of doing all this. How can someone see beyond? Rani Sa says you may not agree with me but I accept as true with my devotion. i’ve decided. only one folks can stay here! I wont percentage the equal roof with my husband’s assassin! Viraj tries to make her recognize however she stays placed. He asks her if that is her final decision. She nods and appears away. Viraj tells her she does not want to go everywhere. Sitara and i’m able to leave this house. Rani Sa appears at him in shock. Viraj holds Sitara’s hand. Yamini shouts after them however they go away the palace. Yamini smiles. Vishkanya’s smile witnessing it.

Arjun is doing some thing while he hears the sound of anklets. He seems towards the door panicked. Albeli smiles in his path. She sits next to him on the mattress. Are you upset with me? He denies. i am distracted via what passed off inside the house. She holds his hands. Don’t be disturbed. Time will heal everything. She pretends to cough. He offers her water but she drops it on herself intentionally. He tells her to exchange her garments. She laughs that some water fell on him too. Yamini peeks at them. She is trying to entice my husband! i can display her her real location now!

Sitara asks Viraj to devour. he is sad. I couldn’t become an excellent son. Dad’s ashes are nonetheless here and the residence is already in a large number. He need to be dissatisfied! She agrees. You left Rani Ma whilst Baba Sa left us. You must have stayed with her. I could have controlled matters myself. He asks her how he could leave his pati-dharma even as following the responsibilities of a son. How could I overlook my promises? She apologizes to him. it is because of me. He stops her from announcing something similarly. Ma is false impression you. You dint do some thing. allow me discover the offender as soon as. I wont spare the offender then! She hugs him as he receives emotional and makes him sit down down. he is in a restore thanks to the state of affairs. Don’t know what magic Vrinda and her sisters have cast on her. What ought to I do? She asks him to devour some thing first. we are able to find a answer collectively. She feeds him food with her arms. She guarantees him (mentally) that she will supply a terrible punishment to Baba Sa’s culprits.

Chabeeli is worried as Sitara has promised she will kill Ratan’s killer. Vrinda tells her now not to worry. nothing will appear to you. we’re with you. A diya falls down. Vrinda looks at it closely. How it’s far lit without oil and cotton? The flame flies away. Vishkanya’s comply with it. They forestall right out of doors the temple’s entrance. Sitara is sitting internal. Albeli is certain it is Sitara’s doing. Sitara seems at the flame. thank you for guiding me Devi Ma. Vrinda and her sisters try to douse the flame however fail. Sitara tells them that no electricity can douse this pious flame. The flame turns into a woman (almost). Sitara asks the flame if her work is achieved. What had been they announcing? She nods and suggests her everything.

Sitara walks up to the Vishkanya’s. I instructed you I wont spare the wrongdoer the day i can find out who it’s miles! Now I know who has killed Baba Sa. She appears at Albeli who shakes her head. I dint do whatever. Sitara tells Vrinda this is their solidarity. She sponsored off the instant observed punishment. I know she dint do some thing. She (Chabeeli) has killed Baba Sa upon her elder sister’s askance. They don’t even flow without asking their sister. Vrinda tells her to return to the factor but Sitara says it will be like insulting words. i am ashamed of you! I can’t change the past however i’m able to truly punish the wrongdoer. She rubs vermilion on her brow and swears upon the aarti in her hand. Baba Sa’s ashes can be immersed tomorrow most effective after burning your sister’s pyre. Vrinda asks her what if she fails. Sitara says I couldn’t store Baba Sa however I don’t need to stay if I cannot lessen my husband’s pain. i will kill myself if I fail in killing Chabeeli by way of day after today.

Precap: Chabeeli’s sisters inform her now not to worry. Sitara must be busy in ultimate rites. She wont be capable of come here. Sitara involves that room. it might have been hard to kill your sister by way of intervening inside the ultimate rites. you probably did the proper component with the aid of staying her. Be prepared to lose the one you love sister!


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