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Vishkanya’s marvel why Viraj’s blood dint alternate color while Vrinda combined her blood together with his. Sitara says she has include a new plan. Vrinda asks her what trouble she has with them. We notion to guide you men after Ratan ji’s dying but you are after our life! Sitara calls it a lie but Rani Sa tells Sitara to stop. The reality is out in the front of all people. This wont exchange anything. Viraj is sure Sitara wont do this kind of factor. She loved Dad like her Baba. You are aware of it. Rani Sa tells him to invite Sitara. She again tells Inspector to take Sitara away. Sitara gets arrested. Viraj tells Sitara he trusts her. I understand you cannot try this. I wont let something happen to you! Their palms separate as police takes her away. Vrinda smirks.

Vishkanya’s are nevertheless puzzled as to how Vrinda did this. They call it a miracle. Vrinda comes there. Albeli asks her about it. Vrinda says it wasn’t me however Mahamata outside. Mahamata comes in her real avatara as Vrinda comes from another room. Vrinda seeks her advantages. Flashback shows Mahamata pulling Vrinda aside while she is going out of doors. Mahamata tells her Sitara’s plan. it would be higher in case you don’t pass out of doors. Vrinda motives that everybody might doubt her then. I have to cross outdoor. Mahamata says you will still be gift there. She will become Vrinda. Flashback ends. Mahamata is sure Sitara wont get out of prison now. no one will consider her. You wont get a higher hazard than this. begin your paintings before any other obstacle comes. They nod. Mahamata blesses them and disappears.

Sitara recalls Ratan’s death and the way Vrinda’s blood dint turn blue. I ought to find out who has killed Baba Sa. i’m able to get out of here in a 2d but I don’t must show off my powers. I don’t must do something which would possibly improve a finger on Viraj. all of us in the police station passes out due to a few smoke. Sitara wonders what can be the source of this smoke. She starts offevolved coughing too. Vishkanya’s step forward. Vrinda mocks Sitara. Albeli offers water to Sitara who throws it away angrily. Vrinda asks her why she is so irritated. It isn’t appropriate in your health. you need to spend your existence here simplest. Why are you ruining it? Chabeeli tells her now not to fear for her family. we can contend with them. Surili nods. we will ship anybody to Maharaj very quickly. Albeli adds that she will be able to by no means get out. Why ought to we waste your time? we are able to go away after doing our paintings. each the parties may be satisfied then. Sitara holds her via her neck. I wont spare you if anything takes place to my family! Vrinda reminds her that she is already in jail for one homicide. Do you want to stay here all the time? Sitara leaves Albeli. Vrinda says we’re handiest doing what we had been telling you about on the grounds that beginning. you’re the one who got distracted by way of Viraj. we will kill every family member separately and you will do not anything but appearance on helplessly! Sitara says I wont be punished as I dint do something wrong. I might be out of here very quickly. I swear upon Devi Ma, I wont spare absolutely everyone! i’m able to kill the individual that has killed Baba Sa! this is the promise of Kuldeep Shekhawat’s daughter, Maharaj Ratan Pratap Singh and Viraj Singh’s spouse. My energy is the distinctive feature inside me which changed into instilled in me by my Baba. it’s going to cost you badly now! Vrinda tells her they might wait to see it.

Viraj handovers the pot full of Ratan’s ashes to his mother. She cries protecting it. You bid adieu on your father? How do I separate him from myself? Viraj hugs his mom and takes her internal. Yamini says I don’t recognize why Sitara did this. She did the proper aspect although. Viraj and Sitara could be engrossed inside the case whilst Bhabhi Sa might be in lost due to her ache. that is a extraordinary time to take Ratan’s vicinity. Arjun thinks he cannot understand what’s occurring. i’m positive I saw Albeli inside the Holi party. Albeli comes there just then. She tells Arjun she can recognize what he ought to be going through. She holds his hand while speaking however he shrugs it away and holds his wife’s hand alternatively. i am a married man and i love my wife very a good deal. it would be right if you don’t pass your limits. Yamini is pleasantly amazed while Albeli is shocked by using his reaction. Arjun is going with Yamini.

Vrinda involves Lakshmi’s room. I apprehend your pain however I would like to inform you some thing. i’ve determined Viraj for the reason that we came right here. He isn’t the only to take a huge choice so quickly. It is probably feasible that what he’s announcing is actual. Sitara is probably harmless. Rani Sa says how do I trust this fact. I saw dagger in her hands with my own eyes! Vrinda says what we see isn’t constantly authentic. want there was a manner to find out the truth so we ought to take the right decision. What if we punish an harmless person as an alternative? What if the culprit continues to be roaming freely? Rani Sa asks her if there may be a manner to find it out. Vrinda nods. you’ll must include me to a temple that’s close by. Devi Ma answers all people’s questions at any price. Rani Sa is doubtful. Vrinda says I knew you wont believe me. I dint want to tell you this however depart it. allow me understand in case you want whatever. we’re with you. She thinks that she has laid a entice for Lakshmi. she can honestly fall for it! She receives up to go when Lakshmi suggests a bent to go to that temple.

Vrinda brings Lakshmi to the region wherein Mahamata’s idol is. Lakshmi asks her about the Goddess. Vrinda shares that it’s miles Mahamata. My brother believes a lot in her. Ask her some thing you want to. i’m positive she will be able to assist you. Rani Sa requests Mahamata to help her find her husband’s murderer. Mahamata indicates her that it changed into Sitara who killed Ratan. Rani Sa says it means Sitara handiest killed Maharaj! Vrinda smiles.

Precap Upcoming Sitara episode update: Viraj brings Sitara domestic. His mom slaps him. to procure so blinded by means of your love that you brought your Dad’s assassin home? Now handiest one of us will stay here!


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