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Viraj come to the corridor listening to some noise but does not see everyone there. Hariyali’s cat chases a mouse. Vrinda gets out from the mouse’s body the instant it steps out of the palace. She looks panicked.

Viraj is sitting next to Sitara holding her hand. How will I spend my complete lifestyles with out you? He cries however caresses her head. not anything has occurred to you. I wont permit whatever pass incorrect. He kisses her on her brow. Hariyali has promised that she will be able to come up with a brand new lifestyles. He lets cross of her hand and it falls down lifelessly surprising Viraj.

Albeli asks Vrinda why she appears so concerned. Did you discover what is going in the palace? Vrinda stocks that a cat ruined her plan earlier than she should discover whatever. Albeli unearths the atmosphere round palace atypical. Vrinda finds Viraj’s behaviour extraordinary. He simply lost his wife however he appears so calm and composed. We must discover what’s in that room before whatever takes place!

next morning, Rani Sa gives Prasad to Viraj and Hariyali. Hariyali asks for two laddoos as she is a guest. Rani Ma gives her puja thaal. She notices Yamini’s excessive veil. Yamini tells her it’s miles quality this way. Even Hariyali calls it new fashion. Rani Sa introduces Yamini to Hariyali. She got here from Germany remaining night time itself. Hariyali and Yamini greet each different. Hariyali factors out that people worship Peepal tree the following day. you’ll do it proper? Rani Sa shakes her head but Hariyali convinces her for the puja. Yamini tells her towards it but Rani Sa points out that puja can best carry out super results. Hariyali offers to control the whole thing. I thoroughly understand what is wanted for the puja. i’m able to give the listing to Viraj in case I need whatever. Rani Sa smiles.

Samrat stops Hariyali’s way even as she is taking walks within the hall. She tells him to step aside however he is curious to know extra about her. She tells him she isn’t interested. He holds her hand as she turns to go. He asks her to tell her call. She whistles because of which a fowl enters in the palace. Samrat appreciates her fashion but the chicken shits on him simply then. Hariyali manages to run away. Samrat comes to a decision to meet her after taking tub.

Hariyali does a few chants. She feels her powers aren’t working these days. Viraj asks her to therapy Sitara like she promised. She tells him now not to worry. Sitara will be pleasant. sit down. Viraj is going to a nook while Hariyali keeps together with her ordeals. She unexpectedly starts strangling Sitara which shocks Viraj. He has to push her faraway from Sitara. Are you out of your mind? I referred to as you right here to remedy her and now not kill Sitara! Hariyali glares at Viraj. Don’t supply any thought in case you don’t understand something! He asks her if that is how she will be able to deal with Sitara. Hariyali exams Sitara’s pulse. test it yourself in case you don’t accept as true with me. He assessments Sitara’s pulse too and is amazed. Hariyali looks away. He apologizes to her for misunderstanding her. She leaves from there without a phrase. Viraj kisses Sitara on her brow and then follows Hariyali.

Hariyali is asking at the photos keenly. She stops near one image and rubs it smooth. She recognizes the eyes as Viraj’s. Viraj resembles that particular ancestor. I still can not overlook that day! it’s far as though it changed into just the day prior to this.

Flashback indicates Viraj and Sitara (the ancestral couple) sitting under a peepal tree. He holds her hand as she gets up to go. She tells him someone will see however he does now not mind it. each person would recognize how plenty i like you. Hariyali is looking them from behind the tree as Viraj kisses Sitara. Hariyali says you not noted my love as though it does no longer exist. you observed it’s miles a recreation? See what i can do now. Viraj is going to bring rose flower for her. in the meantime, Hariyali comes from at the back of and slits Sitara’s throat. Sitara shouts out to Viraj who runs toward her in situation however it receives too overdue. She breathes her closing in his fingers. Hariyali tells him that he snatched his Sitara. simplest i have a right to your love now! He refuses to love Sitara’s killer ever. You wont even get my shadow on this start! She tells him she loves him very a good deal however he curses her to be locked inside this peepal tree till the time she saves Sitara’s existence in future. She begs for mercy and accepts her mistake. He repeats his phrases. She gets pulled / caught within the peepal tree right in the front of Viraj’s eyes. Flashback ends. Hariyali says i can spare Sitara’s lifestyles in this birth however my second situation will exchange everything. She is my ace card. My second condition will trade my fate!

Precap Upcoming Sitara Episode Update: Rani Sa asks everyone to return on time for the following day’s puja. Vishkanya’s determine to peek in the thriller room when all and sundry is busy within the puja. i’m able to find out its mystery! next morning, absolutely everyone is busy in puja. Vishkanya’s enter within the palace stealthily.


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