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Sitara seconds Samrat’s concept. I should sacrifice my existence to maintain you all safe! This tale will end with my death handiest! you’ll also put off Vishtara this way. Rani Sa shouts towards it but Sitara tells her now not to weaken her along with her tears. I won’t be in front of you however i’m able to usually be on your heart. Rani Sa continues to be towards the concept. you’ve got finished a lot for us already. I can not allow you to do this! Sitara calls it her duty. I promised Baba i will defend you all at any price! i can step again from my obligation. Rani Sa asks Viraj to give an explanation for to Sitara. It isn’t duty but foolishness. Viraj is quietly / tearfully searching at Sitara. Sitara walks up to him. I agree that i’ve lied to you in many instances however i’ve never lied to you about my love closer to him. My body won’t be with you but my love will always be with you! Yamini comforts Rani Sa. Samrat takes out his phone.

Surya, Vishtara, Albeli and Surili do a puja. Surya reads Samrat’s message. Sitara has decided to sacrifice her existence willingly! Albeli and Surili are happy to hear it however Vishtara is positive Sitara is as much as something. She thinks she will be able to kill me this manner however i am fabricated from more factors that don’t belong to her. unfortunately, she wont stay to look / recognize that! i am an immortal. no one can kill me! Surili and Albeli smirk.

The royal circle of relatives appears on helplessly as Sitara sits upon the pyre. Vishkanya’s and Surya appearance on from close by. Samrat asks them if they will spare his family afterwards. Vishtara is of the same opinion. Surya refuses to spare Viraj’s life but Samrat isn’t stricken. He is going back to in which his own family is. Vishtara turns to Albeli and Surili. human beings make errors always! we will kill every one in all them once Sitara is dead! Surya speaks in their promise a minute ago but Vishtara insists that he too will die once Sitara dies. Samrat has overheard the whole lot. i’ve been cheated! I can not permit Sitara die. He runs to Viraj asking him to prevent Sitara. I made a completely massive mistake by way of going in opposition to my circle of relatives! I became egocentric. Please prevent this! Sitara and Viraj observe every other.

Surya, Vishtara, Albeli and Surili begins taking walks in the direction of the pyre in which everybody is collected. Rani Sa lighting the pyre and cries. Surilil demanding situations Viraj. You all will die today together with Sitara! Viraj glares at Surya. other family contributors stand together as Viraj and Surya get into a scuffle. Sitara steps out of the pyre magically. She creates her 2 shadows and they face all 3 Vishkanya’s each. Surili questions her as to what this is. Sitara reasons that she can have many avatars if Vishtara may be one in every of her avatar too. It was my avatar who become sitting there. She attacks Surili and Albeli with snake and a scorpion. They die as soon as they’re bit by means of them.

Surya assaults Viraj. He falls down. Surya advances in the direction of him however Samrat throws him on the floor simply in time. He extends his hand closer to his brother. Please provide me one hazard to rectify my mistake. I wont disappoint this time. Surya looks on as Viraj holds his brother’s hand. He attacks Samrat who falls down inside the system. Samrat notices Surya last his eyes to chant some mantra and hits him. I made a grave mistake by way of supporting you rather than my own family however I wont spare you this time! He beats Surya. He does not supply him time to chant any mantras or anything. Viraj appears on. Their scuffle keeps. Surya manages to hypnotise Samrat. Viraj shouts at Samrat to close his eyes but it is too overdue. Samrat’s eyes turn purple. Viraj covers Samrat’s face and pushes him. He confronts Surya subsequent. You need those weak powers to combat with humans! you are so damn weak! Surya challenges him for a fight. Samrat looks on as they get into a scuffle. Viraj beats Surya again and blue. He twists his neck and Surya falls down. His own family stops him from killing Surya. Rani Sa tends to his wound. Surya folds his fingers and apologizes to her. i’ve cheated you men. Please forgive me if feasible. She tells him not to make an apology. I should apologize. i am someplace liable for what went incorrect with you! Surya denies. i was wrong. I couldn’t think about anything in my suit of revenge. I need to have understood Maharaj’s purpose of backing out however I just couldn’t! Please forgive me. He breathes his last.

Sitara and Vishtara are preventing. Vishtara mocks Sitara that none of her weapons can kill her. Sitara knows it already. I realize that the unison of three factors (water, air and one more) can kill you! Her 3 factors grow to be three avatars and that they kill Vishtara! Viraj holds Sitara as she falls down. Rani Sa tells all of us to go home now.

Sitara holds Viraj from at the back of. What are you searching at? He says i am searching at Sitara. She rpelies that this is just a Tara (celebrity). Your Sitara will constantly be with you. He smiles. That’s what I desired to listen. I almost died hearing that you will sacrifice your existence for own family! She says that’s why I nodded at you. He nods. I wouldn’t have will let you try this otherwise. The high-quality part is that we’re together no matter anything problems have come our manner! She says all is nicely that ends nicely. Vishtara did wrong with us however she gave us a high-quality gift at the same time as leaving. He looks at her in confusion. She stocks that she isn’t any extra a Vishkanya. She had my poison in her. there is no poison interior me now that she is no extra! He smiles realising that they could have a ordinary existence now. She nods. They percentage a warm hug. He alternatives her in his hands and makes her take a seat on the bed.



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