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Sitara is seeking out Diya. She hears her voice again and additionally notices a shadow. What’s happening? She hears Diya’s laughter once more. Diya is in a storeroom. She opens a trunk. Sitara enters in the storeroom following her voice and finds her locked in a trunk. She selections Diya in her arms. Who locked her here? She calms down Diya.

Surili is retaining an eye on Viraj.

Sitara once more feels dizzy. She stops outdoor Vrinda’s door and hears them speaking about Viraj. Sitara gets curious as to in which Surili is. i’m able to best listen her voice. Surili tells Vrinda she is prepared for her next pass. Sitara wonders what they are up to now. She recalls Rani Sa telling Viraj to take Surili with him.

Surili takes Sitara’s avatar.

Sitara asks Rani Sa about the temple wherein Viraj has gone to. Rani Sa

maintains quiet. Sitara requests her to inform her. Rani Sa taunts her for not giving beginning to her very own infant but looking after someone else’s infant.
Surili pats at Viraj’s shoulder sudden him. She tells him she was missing him very much so she got here right here. I know i’ve hurt you lots. Please forgive me. I thought loads about what you stated. She hugs him. i’m prepared. Our family wishes us right now. He tells her they will communicate about this at home. She tells him she might be with him tonight.

Sitara tells Rani Sa Viraj’s life is in hazard. tell me in which he’s. i encourage you. Rani Sa tells her Viraj is in no danger until the time he is away from you! I don’t doubt it even for a 2d!

Sitara is attempting Viraj’s number however is not able to reach him. he’s in a totally huge danger. Rani Ma isn’t telling me about that temple. no one other than her is aware of about it. She turns to Devi Ma. Now most effective you could assist me. you have got been my assist in my each choice and have helped me in every problem. Please assist me keep Viraj. he’s going to die if Surili Massi attempts to shape a relation with him tonight. I cannot go there but you are everywhere. assist me Ma. bring my husband domestic correctly.

Surili becomes Sitara all over again. The room is decorated with candles and rose petals. She hugs him from behind. How did you like the decor? He says it is fine. How did you return here even though? You said Ma wont adore it. She tells him she isn’t inquisitive about all this this night. I need to make this night time very special for each folks. She moves in the direction of him.

Sitara is ringing the bell in temple.

Viraj shows dozing as they have to move in aarti at 4 am. She tells him to forget all that. we’ve greater critical matters than that. He motives that they have got come here for the sake of their own family. I need us to return close too but I need peace in our house first of all. Surili nods.

Sitara earrings the bell nonstop.

Surili blindfolds Viraj. She comes in her actual avatar. Viraj attempts telling her towards it but she leans towards him.

Sitara’s hand is dripping blood via now. It falls proper on the thaal filled with vermilion.

Surili opens her mouth and is about to chunk Viraj when there is a knock on the door. She becomes Sitara yet again. Viraj sits up in confusion. Surili tells him the person will depart but he is sure it’s miles something important. A girl asks Viraj to store her from the goons. She enters within the room. Viraj looks outdoor however there is no one. The lady requests them to permit her live here tonight. Surili denies. We don’t even recognise you. How can we allow a stranger live here? The woman can see Surili’s real avatar. Viraj is surprised by means of her response. You help everybody. How did you assert no nowadays? He tells the female to stay right here tonight. not anything will appear to you.

Vrinda seems on at Sitara.

Viraj sends Surili to deliver water for the lady. Surili makes a decision to send that lady away asap. She heads interior. The girl tells Viraj what you spot with eyes isn’t necessarily authentic. discover ways to see together with your heart.

Vrinda tells Sitara that nobody can store Viraj nowadays however Sitara has religion on Devi Ma. not anything can occur to him till the time Devi Ma is with us. Vrinda says your Viraj is with my sister right now. She is keen to make him her own and has taken your avatar. How will your Viraj keep himself back? Sitara touches her mangalsutra. I believe my husband and our relation. everyone can take my avatar however they can’t take my soul. Viraj can see the distinction among proper and incorrect as Devi Ma wont let whatever cross wrong.

Surili gives water to the woman. there is every other knock on the door. Viraj is surprised to peer Inspector. Surili has known as him here to file a record for the lady. till when will she stay with us? Police will catch the goons and take the female domestic adequately. Viraj nods. He tells the lady now not to fear. The lady tells Surili that the one who has God’s guide can not be harmed. don’t forget this very well. She leaves with the Inspector. Surili notices her footprints at the floor and realises it become no everyday lady. It changed into Devi Ma’s avatar.

Arjun involves his room and finds it decorated with candles. He remembers Yamini’s words and is panicked. Albeli closes the door from inside and makes him face her. She falls on pinnacle of him. He tells her she is flawed. I haven’t any interest in you. I most effective recognize you. overlook the deal that my foolish spouse has made with you. overlook it as nothing like to be able to manifest. She tells him he appears very lovely while he’s irritated. The surroundings is ready. Please let me come in the direction of you. we will live this moment together. He tries getting up but she does now not allow him go. I wont give you a hazard to whinge. He agrees to do anything she wants. can you carry me a tumbler of water? She concurs. lights go off. Arjun is going out of the room as Albeli pours water for him.

subsequent morning, Sitara remains attempting Viraj’s wide variety but in vain. She comforts Diya as she starts crying. She prays that Viraj comes home soon. I can not wait anymore. A servant informs her that Viraj is here. Sitara runs outdoor telling her to attend to Diya.

Viraj is hurt. Sitara feeds him water. Are you o.k.? What came about? He speaks of the farmhouse. i used to be quality when you left farmhouse however my health worsened after I reached temple. She wonders if Surili took gain of him remaining night. She asks Viraj if something passed off among them final night. He receives dizzy. She takes him internal and asks him if something passed off among them ultimate night time. He says you ask as if you weren’t there. How come you don’t recollect? Sitara says I want to hear it from you. He offers in. once the lady left, it was time for aarti. You desired to be home before Ma wakes up and left. not anything befell! Sitara thanks Devi Ma. Viraj asks her why she is behaving so unusual. She denies. How did you fell sick? He says it might be heatstroke. i am no longer used to it. Diya starts offevolved crying. Viraj alternatives her as a substitute and Sitara goes to bring milk for her. He holds Diya’s hand. The powers interior Diya hit him difficult. He passes out at the floor.

Vrinda reprimands her sisters for dropping every other golden threat. Albeli and Surili tell her how their plan got foiled at the ultimate minute. Sitara says you can have closed the door in case you desired to keep a dialogue to your real avatar. What if someone saw you this manner? She closes the door from interior. You dint succeed once more on your plan. try properly next time. Have halwa. candy offers mental pride and decreases the ache. Your daughter has made it with love. Vrinda has the same opinion to taste it. Sitara continues it on her palm however it burns Vrinda’s palm. you have a extraordinary fashion of displaying your love. Sitara replies that she will be able to do that an awful lot for her if she will be able to without a doubt display her like to her in her style. Albeli wonders how halwa can harm Didi. Surili says it could manifest handiest whilst. Sitara shares it’s far Devi Ma’s Prasad. You challenged her final night time. you may sway from your words but I wont. i’m able to face everything head on. This was just the effect of her Prasad. What if she involves keep me herself? it’s miles your Rajya-abhishek these days. this is my present to you these days. this will remind you continually to go back asap or my Devi Ma can even destroy your existence! Vishkanya’s glare at her as she leaves.

Precap: Vrinda suggests her proper on the royal room. the sooner you clear it the better! Viraj refuses however Vrinda tells him they don’t have any different choice however to comply. He breaks a vase angrily. Ma wont give her room! He passes out proper then.


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