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Arjun asks Yamini if she is glad now. I did what you wanted. She says you appearance sincerely fresh. Why don’t you appearance tired? He pretends to be sleepy however she knows he is performing. Albeli has told me everything. You fooled her and ran out of the room? He affirms. She says we had been about to get keep if the whole thing but you lost that threat! Servant informs them that they’re being known as downstairs. Yamini goes downstairs.

Vrinda’s rajya-abhishek is going on. She accepts the royal sword from pundit ji. Rani Sa notices her wound however Vrinda dismisses it as not anything. the need echoes in the historical past. Vrinda’s sisters and Rani Sa congratulate Vrinda. Sitara hears the sound of a infant’s laughter. She seems round at a loss for words. Vrinda says i have a proper on the entirety this is in the palace being the ruler of the palace now. Pundit ji affirms. Vrinda demanding situations her proper on Rani Sa’s necklace. Viraj tells her it belongs handiest to his mom. Vrinda asks for the necklace once more. Viraj gadgets however she reminds him that she has a right on it being the queen of the palace. you don’t have any choice but to abide by way of my order. Pundit ji seconds her. Rani Sa fingers over her necklace to Pundit ji surprising all and sundry. Vrinda items it to Yamini as an alternative. Albeli makes Yamini put on it upon Vrinda’s request. Rani Sa looks on lamentably. Arjun feels bad. Albeli whispers in Yamini’s ears that she will get the entirety simplest if her husband offers in to her wish. Vrinda again suggests her proper at the royal room. the earlier you clear it the higher! Viraj shouts at her to stop. it’s miles sufficient! Ma wont provide you with her room! He breaks stuff angrily. Ma wont deliver her room! He passes out mid sentence. Sitara holds him.

Sitara sits preserving Viraj’s hand as document offers him injection. He tells her no longer to worry. He got burdened. He writes drugs for him. Sitara imagines Diya sitting in a nook but she disappears. document advises Sitara something and leaves. Sitara receives curious about Diya.

Vrinda tells her sisters that her plan is transferring in the proper direction. Surili is curious but Vrinda advises her to attend. She compliments the fragrance of a candle. once our poison is added to it, it turns into risky! She mixes her poison inside the candle and wraps it with other candles. Ask servants to put this candle in every room. It need to attain Sitara’s residence. Albeli says it will show up whilst Sitara and Viraj will come close. they will nod off under its influence if they wont come close. Vrinda tells her they wont be capable of escape from the smoke of these candles tonight. Her sisters go to put into effect her plan.

Rani Sa tells Vrinda she thought her to be a member of her own family but she insulted her in front of anyone. Vrinda acts exceptional in the front of her. Forgive me if I harm you. That wasn’t my intention. I need to prevent. i have seen Yamini yearning for that necklace so I thought to offer it to her before she does some thing which can hurt you. I should have gotten preserve of that necklace if I desired however I dint do that! i’m doing it for your sake handiest. I need to attend to you, your family and this royal palace!

Viraj wakes up. He asks Sitara how he handed out. She shares that it was due to stress. Why do you get so angry? Take relaxation. you’ll be first-rate. She gives him drugs. lighting fixtures go off all at once. She calls out for guards. Servant offers her candles because it will make the effort to restoration mild. She lighting fixtures the unique candles and goes. Sitara gets inspired via its fragrance. each Viraj and Sitara feel dizzy. He receives mesmerised looking at her and holds her from behind. They caress each other’s face as they turn towards every different. They consummate their marriage.

Next morning, Viraj winces in pain. He has turned blue. He calls out to Sitara who is greatly surprised to look him accordingly. She recollects what took place remaining night time and is stunned. We consummated our relationship last night time which means my poison is inside him now! I wont allow something take place to you! He passes out on the ground in front of her.

Precap Upcoming Sitara Episode Update: Viraj picks a snake and shall we the snake bite him on his tongue. Sitara is seeking out Viraj. Viraj receives inflicted with the snake’s poison. His veins turn blue as nicely and he screams.


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