Sixer Full Movie Leaked Online In HD Quality For Free Download By Piracy Website Tamilrockers 2019

Sixer Tamil Full Movie Leaked Online To Download By Tamilrockers 2019

Sixer Movie Download Leaked by very famous piracy website Tamilrockers. The movie of three big stars Vaibhav, Pallak Lalwani and Satish got leaked on many piracy websites.

Sixer Movie Reviews & Ratings

Sixers is a comedy romance story of a young man suffering from malaria. Hero Vaibhav is the current version of Countamani’s upcoming film. Vaibhav, who has been outdoors all day, will be home as Dawn at 6 pm. The name that makes him friends is the six. Vaibhav takes on the responsibility when mother Sriranjani and her father are aware of how to educate their son.

Story Of Sixer Tamil Movie Based On:-

One evening when he returns home from the office, the cart maker to do it, so that it can beechoram sidelined, phone to his friend Satish and tell him to pickpakku, hand in hand, rope headphones on the beach and buy air. Some young people are fighting at the beach against the Vimala Rani (somewhere we hear … it’s just us) who brainwashes college students into businessman RNR Manohar. Our hero, who is invisible, sits around and chants.

Positive Points of the Sixer Tamil Movie:-

The heroine Pallak Lalwani is doing live coverage for his television. The villain’s men attack the protesters, watching the fight. Vaibhav sits alone, to spare everyone. Our hero is the leader of the people, to change all the circumstances. Thus Pallak Lalwani becomes impressed with Vaibhav and falls in love. The next day, Vaibhava begins to love Lalwani in person. Drama hides the existence of evening sickness. How long does it last? This is what their love is about. Saaho Full Movie Download

Negative Points of the Sixer Tamil Movie:-

Introducing director Saatchi, who has only developed the Countamani Character from Chinnathambi, has developed it a little more. But the sad thing is that there is not much comedy in it. This is not to say that there is no pure comedy. Satish and Vaibha together for a 10-minute break and have a little laugh.

Highlighted comedy prince scenes. Terakka’s villainous agent AJ, the female broker has come to say that he is serious, and in the phone of Lalwani on the phone, the prince is hitting sixes. In this film, Satish’s online work as a serial Workout. Though not hitting six, there are many fours.

Watch or not? Sixer Tamil Movie:-

Vaibhav Sema Pitt as an Evening Eye Patient. The only thing that comes to him without trying anything new is to score and score. Countamani, though not so much, is somewhat overcome with blindness. Pallak Lalwani looks good in some places and in many places. ‘Lusu’ is the heroine character of many Tamil films. Pretend to pass by.

Vaibhav, Radha Ravi, KPOY Qureyshi, Satish, Ilavarasu, Sriranjani are a big star but there is no scene of laughter. In many places you can see the smile that goes beyond the lips.

Gibran is the composer for the film, as others have been saying. There is no uniqueness in the background and the songs are not listening. Even the song ‘Engavenna kochinnu po’ in Sivakarthikeyan’s voice is about the same.

Sixer Tamil Movie Last Verdict:-

Cameraman Fiji Muttiah has been heavily photographed as a rawa without any major menace. Thus missing the ‘color’ required for a commercial film. The editor has made an interesting cut of the image of Jom.

Director Saatchi, who took the concept correctly, might have made a better screenplay. Many scenes are the same clich that we have seen so far. There was no big twist on the break. Good storyline. Peeing the people’s struggle for comedy, taking the dining tray into the toilet is all about ‘Uwe’.

The ‘Sixer’ would have flown beyond the stadium if the screenplay was more focused.

Rating Of Sixer Movie 5/3 Tellyupdates.Me


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