Maharashtra is an important state in terms of elections. After UP’s (80) seats.

Solapur Lok Sabha seat: Know 2019 candidates, current MPs, voting date and election results
Prakash Ambedkar in Solapur can spoil the game of Congress

Maharashtra has the highest number of 48 seats. Maharashtra has always been dominated by the Congress and the NCP, but in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, the BJP-Shiv Sena alliance had performed brilliantly due to Modi wave. This time, it is also predicted that Maharashtra will be ahead of Shiv Sena-BJP coalition. By the way, many seats in this state are likely to be bitten by a fork, one of which is the Solapur. Solapur is home to former Chief Minister of Maharashtra Sushil Kumar Shinde, but in 2014 due to Modi wave, he too could not save his seat.

This seat is witnessing a complete triumph of triangular contest this time. Shinde has been fielded by the Congress again, while BJP has cut its ticket for the current MP Sharad Bansode and made a religious leader of the Lingayat community, Jai Siddheshwar Shivaacharya as its candidate. At the same time, the competition here has become very interesting by coming from the dalit leader and Prakash Ambedkar’s field from the deprived Bahujan Awadhri party.


Solapur has been the stronghold of Congress leader Sushil Kumar Shinde. He has been a Member of Parliament till now three times. After winning this seat, he became the Union Home Minister. He was elected MP from this seat for the first time in 1998. In 1999, the people sent the Lok Sabha again, but in 2003, the Congress party resigned from Vilasrao Deshmukh and gave Shinde the responsibility of the state.

After becoming the Chief Minister of Shinde, the BJP prevailed in the by-election. BJP won this seat in the 2004 general elections, but in 2009, Sushil Kumar Shinde again waved his crown here. However, despite being the Union Home Minister in 2014, he could not save his seat.

Assembly seat:

Six Assembly seats come under Solapur Lok Sabha Solapur city is conquered from Central, Akkalkot and Pandharpur, while Solapur city is the BJP MLA from North and Solapur South. NCP has won from Mohol.

Political equation:

BJP played masterstroke by removing religious master Jai Siddheshwar Shivaacharya from this seat. The number of Lingayats and Dalits is very high in this seat. In such a situation, BJP is in a juga to woo Lingayat community with the help of Jai Siddheshwar Shivaacharya. At the same time, the difficulty of Sushil Kumar Shinde has increased due to Prakash Ambedkar’s arrival in the field. Ambedkar, can break into the dalit votes. At the same time they also have Owaisi support, due to which the Muslim community can go with them.

The BJP will get the benefit of division of votes and it is being speculated that Jai Sidheshwar Shivaacharya’s elevation is huge.


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