Sona Mohapatra on Sonakshi Sinha: Know why Sonakshi Sinha had blocked Sona Mohapatra on Twitter

Singer Sona Mohapatra has told that she was blocked on Twitter by Sonakshi Sinha after Justin Bieber’s controversy over India tour. Debate on nepotism and campism in Bollywood after resentment over Sushant Singh Rajput’s death It has now started spreading to other industries and also exposing other adverse practices. Nepotism is also being talked about in other industries. Sonu Nigam has opened a front against the ‘music mafia’.

Sona Mohapatra has spoken on some of the problems, referring to the emphasis on the film industry, the lack of freedom in the music industry and the battles facing musicians. In a recent tweet, Sona claimed that Sonakshi Sinha had questioned her qualifications when she shared a stage with Justin during Justin Bieber’s tour of India, on which Sonakshi blocked him on Twitter.

Sona claimed that the same happened during Coldplay’s India concert, when the performers performed themselves instead of qualified Indian bands. He also questioned this process. There was a controversy in 2017 during Justin Bieber’s program when it was reported that Sonakshi has been invited to perform with the international artist. Singers like Armaan Malik and Kailash Kher were saddened by the neglect. After this Sona Mohapatra also took a sarcasm at Sonakshi.

Sonakshi then clarified that she was not performing and had blocked Sona. Meanwhile, Sonakshi has quit Twitter due to trolling Star Kids after the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. Sona says that while the views of music artists are treated like second-class citizens, the awards show favors the lip-sync performance of actors who make headlines.


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