Soni Razdan Talked About People Negligence In Unlock 1

After a long lockdown caused by the corona virus, people are now allowed to go out and go to work. While it is still necessary to take other precautions with social distancing to avoid the corona virus, some careless photos are also surfacing on the internet and in the news. Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt’s mother Soni Razdan has also given her reaction on the negligence of the people. Sony Razdan says that Unlock 1.0 is not for all of us.

As per Hindustan Times report, Soni Razdan says, ‘All the footage I am watching on TV where people can be seen without any reason, touching things unnecessarily, taking children out without masks Etc. is dangerous. If we are not able to understand what is good for ourselves, then no one else can do anything.

she also said, ‘After so many days of restrictions, what do you expect from people? I think there is no social distancing in the DNA of our country … If you think you forget, please try and wear gloves in at least one hand to reduce the chances of infecting the virus. Can. ‘ She told that keeping in mind the age of her and her husband Mahesh Bhatt, she goes out only if there is any urgent work.

Soni Razdan often puts her side on social issues. Earlier in January, he questioned the hanging of Afzal Guru, convicted in the 2001 Parliament attack after the arrest of DSP Devendra Singh of Jammu and Kashmir Police. Actress Soni Razdan had demanded Afzal Guru to be hanged and after that he also gave his clarification. After that she was in a lot of headlines.


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