Sonu Sood help farmer: Sonu Sood sent tractor to farmer who uses his daughters to run plow in fields

Film actor Sonu Sood has vowed to help a farmer and his family. He has promised to send tractors to plow their fields. Actor Sonu Sood has now become the hero of another family. On Sunday, he promised to send a pair of oxen to a farmer’s family, but later changed his mind to do something better and decided to send a tractor.

Sonu retweeted a video of a farmer who was plowing his daughters on his farm because of no money in it. The girls were helping their father and mother by plowing the fields. While sharing this video, a user wrote, ‘Awesome! In Madanapalle, the farmer is forced to plow his daughters with the plow because he does not have the money to rent the bull. The last time he suffered heavy losses due to the corona virus epidemic. ‘

Sharing it, Sonu wrote, ‘Tomorrow morning they will have a pair of oxen. Let girls focus on their education. From tomorrow, two bulls will plow their fields. Farmers are the pride of this country .. protect them. ‘ By noon, Sonu changed his mind and tweeted that he is sending the family a tractor instead of oxen. He wrote, ‘This family is not worth a pair of oxen but they are worth a tractor. So I am sending you one. By evening a tractor will be plowing your fields. Be happy

He also used the hashtag of a tractor company in his tweet. Sonu’s fans were once again impressed by his generosity. Earlier this week, Sonu brought back 1500 students from Kyrgyzstan. SpiceJet teamed up with the actor to bring the children back through a nine charter.


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