Sonu Sood Hilarious Reply When User Told Him He Did Not Visit Salon From Last Two Months

Chhedi Singh, who plays the villain in Salman Khan’s Dabangg, Sonu Sood, has become the messiah of the people in real life. The manner in which Sonu is working to send migrant laborers and other people to his village during lockdown, he is capable. Everyone has become a fan of this actor who understands the pain of migrant laborers during lockdown. Sonu’s help is being discussed from social media to TV channels. People are lavishing love on them.

Sonu is constantly connected with people through social media and whatsapp and is trying to solve their problems. People are asking for help by tweeting him, and Sonu is responding to his tweet and helping them, sending them to their home. However, among all these tweets, there are some people who are not deterred from having fun with Sonu. But Sonu is also handling these tweets in a fun way.

Like, recently a user made a funny demand tagging Sonu. User wrote, ‘Sonu Sood can you help me? I have not visited the parlor for two and a half months .. please you take me to the salon … I am joking. You are the real hero (hero). May god bless you’. Users expressed their anger on this tweet, but Sonu gave a funny reply to it.

The actor replying to the user said, ‘What will you do after going to Salon. I came to the salon to leave his village. If you want to go back to your village then say?

The user said to Sonu Sood, “Sonu Sood can you help me. I have not seen the parlor for two and a half months. Please take me to the salon. Only joking. You are a true hero. God Bless you. ” Please tell that the user said this jokingly to them, to which Sonu Sood also responded with a laugh. In response to this, the actor wrote, “What will you do after going to the salon. I have come to the salon and left the village. Tell me if you want to go back and forth to the village?” Fans are commenting a lot on this actor’s tweet, as well as praising his simplicity.

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has proved to be the messiah for the workers and the needy in the lockdown. He has so far helped many laborers to reach their homes. Not only this, he also made arrangements for the food and drink of the laborers. In such a situation, all are praising Sonu Sood. But in the meantime, a social media user asked them to reach the parlor and said that please take me to the salon. To this, Sonu Sood has given a tremendous reply by tweeting. His tweet is also becoming viral on social media.

Even before this, many users from Sonu Sood tweeted to reach their house or to show their gratitude, on which the actor also responded with simplicity. Apart from bringing people home, Sonu Sood had also opened his hotel in Juhu for doctors and Corona Warriors, in which they could come and stay comfortably. Let us know that people are appreciating Sonu Sood for this step. Not only this, at one place in Bihar people had also decided to get a statue made for them.

Amid the lockdown, actor Sonu Sood has campaigned to send migrant laborers, students and the needy to their homes. They are constantly arranging buses to take people to their homes. Sonu has so far sent twelve thousand people from Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Odisha, Bihar and other states to their homes. His work is being praised everywhere. Actor Ajay Devgan’s statement has come on this help of Sonu. 

This work of Sonu Sood has been praised by Ajay Devgan. He tweeted and wrote, ‘The work you are doing to send migrant workers back to their homes is very commendable. May you have a lot of strength, Sonu.

Sonu Sood has also responded to this tweet of Ajay Devgan. He wrote, ‘Thank you brother. Your words will give me more strength and I will be encouraged to take other people to their families. Lots of love.’

Ravi Kishan also praised Earlier actor-turned-politician Ravi Kishan had praised Sonu Sood on Twitter for helping the workers. He wrote in his tweet, ‘This is all I remember in the world’.

Smriti Irani has also praised Smriti Irani, while praising Sonu Sood, tweeted, ‘Sonu Yeh I am fortunate to know you as a professional partner for two decades and happy with your progress as an actor . I feel even more proud to see the kindness you have shown in such a challenging situation. Thank you for helping the needy.


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