Bollywood actor Sonu Sood will also be remembered whenever the corona virus lockdown is remembered in the future. Today, when the whole world is going through a crisis like Corona virus epidemic, in such a situation, Sonu Sood has emerged as the messiah for the forces. Sonu Sood has been continuously sending migrant laborers to their homes. Till now he has reached thousands of travail workers at his home. Whoever is texting or tweeting for help from Sonu Sood, Sonu is replying and helping them in every possible way. Messages for Sonu Sood are constantly coming on social media. Meanwhile, a fan has compared Sonu Sood with South Superstar Rajinikanth, given his brilliant work. The actor gave a heartening response to this.

A female fan for Sonu Sood wrote on Twitter, “Is Sonu Sood going to be the next Rajinikanth in the film industry.” To this, Sonu Sood said, ‘I always want to be a common man.’ This reply of Sonu Sood won everyone’s heart. His tweet is being liked a lot.

Apart from this, Sonu was honored with the migrant laborers of Chhapra by making them his statue on the sand. He wrote Salute Real Hero with Sonu’s Statue. Sonu Sood tweeted and thanked his honor.

Sonu started working in Bollywood films after working in a Tamil film followed by a Telugu film. His first film in Hindi cinema was ‘Shaheed-e-Azam Bhagat Singh’. In this film he played the role of Bhagat Singh. Sonu Sood was truly recognized by the character of Salman Khan’s film Dabangg, Chhedi Singh.

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has become the messiah for migrant laborers during the lockdown. They are helping to bring laborers trapped in cities to their homes in this hour of crisis. This noble initiative of Sonu Sood is getting appreciation from the government including fans and celebs. Sonu Sood gets a lot of messages on Twitter, someone asks for help to get them home, then someone thanks the actor after reaching home. Recently, people from Chhapra district of Bihar thanked Sonu Sood for helping them in a different way. These people made a picture of Sonu Sood on the sand. On which written – Real Hero. Seeing this picture, Sonu Sood has also thanked all those people on this picture.

WhatsApp messages coming to Sonu for help, Sonu is also getting messages on mobile phones for help. Actually, Sonu Sood shared a video. Where WhatsApp is doing to Sonu Sood on mobile phone. While sharing the video, Sonu Sood wrote, We are getting your messages at this speed. I and my team are trying our best to reach out to everyone. But if we miss some messages in this, I will be sorry for that.

Many funny messages are also received by Sonu in this watch, whose reply is also given by Sonu in jokes. Meanwhile, a social media user asked them to reach the parlor and said that please take me to the salon. To this, Sonu Sood has given a tremendous reply by tweeting. His tweet is also becoming viral on social media. In response to this, the actor wrote, “What will you do by going to the salon. I have come to the salon to leave the village. Tell me if you want to go back and forth to the village?”

People are appreciating Sonu Sood for this step. Not only this, at one place in Bihar people had also decided to get a statue made for them.

Actress Swara Bhaskar has come out after actor Sonu Sood, who became the messiah for the workers trapped in the lockdown. He has helped to send laborers to their homes in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. He says that the trouble of laborers who were desperate to go home was not seen from them.

After Sonu Sood, Swara Bhaskar has become a reason to bring a smile on the face of people in the hour of humanitarian crisis. He has helped the laborers of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh trapped in Lockdown to be sent back to their homes. So far, 1350 laborers have left their homes from Delhi on their initiative. Says actress Swara Bhaskar, “She felt ashamed when millions of laborers were unable to do anything in the hour of trouble and sit comfortably in the house. His guilt forced him to go out and help people. ” Swara returned to Delhi from Mumbai and started a campaign to help the laborers. With his team, he gathered the figure of people going back home.

After that, with the help of the Delhi government, he ensured the workers get tickets. So far, Swara has sent 1350 laborers to their homes in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Earlier, actor Prakash Raj of the south has also proved to be the real hero for people in humanitarian crisis. It is worth mentioning that the crisis of livelihood had arisen in front of the laborers of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh who were unemployed due to the lockdown. Seeing that there was no way to go home, people started walking on foot, road, bicycle and railway tracks. Many people who came out of the house either fell victim to a road accident or lost their lives due to the humid heat. Lakhs of people gathered and requested the government to return home. After which his eye opened.

Sonu Sood because of his work is being worshiped among the poor who have reached their respective homes due to them. Not only this, Sonu, who is not related to him during this time, is also loving him a lot and the actors are handling it well. People are constantly sending prayers to him through tweets. Along with his work, many tweets for him and the response of the actor on him are also getting tremendous headlines at this time. One such tweet is from a person from Muzaffarpur, to which Sonu’s reply has robbed everyone’s heart. Along with this, Sonu has also told on a tweet that when will he sleep now.

A person named Dheeraj Kumar tweeted tagging Sonu Sood and said, ‘Sonu Sood ji is doing great work. After the lock down, we will come from Bihar while traveling on bicycle and meet you and seek blessings, please allow it. Dheeraj Kumar Muzaffarpur. ‘

Now listen to Sonu’s reply on this tweet. He has given this answer with a bicycle emoji. Sonu said, ‘Time for cycling and walking, my friend. Now I will come to you and you make me roam the whole Muzaffarpur with a bicycle. ‘

Sonu has united day and night for this work. Recently, he had also said in his interview that if I had been in 32 hours day instead of 24 hours, we would have worked more. Sonu is constantly replying to people’s messages. In such a situation, people are now worried about their sleep and their comfort.

A woman asked her Twitter handle for Sonu Sood, ‘Sonu sir, don’t you sleep? Day or night, you reply to all the messages. You are ready to serve people for 24 hours. Today you have become the Messiah for the people. Thank you sir, really love you. ‘ Sonu also responded to this.

Sonu responded by writing to him, “Once everyone reaches home, then they will sleep comfortably.” It is clear from the actor’s answer that this work has kept his sleep awake and he is not going to die.

Sonu Sood is constantly sharing his number so that outgoing people can contact him. He tweeted and wrote, ‘My dear Labor brothers and sisters. If you are in Mumbai and want to go to your home, please call 18001213711 and tell how many people you are, where you are now and where you want to go. . We and my team will do whatever we can to help. ‘

Sonu is the first actor in the industry to arrange buses to send migrant laborers home. A few days ago, after taking permission from the Karnataka and Maharashtra governments, he arranged for some migrants to visit and eat. Following the actor’s initiative, a total of ten buses left from Thane in Maharashtra to Gulbarga. Recently, he left for different parts of Uttar Pradesh including Lucknow, Hardoi, Pratapgarh and Siddharthnagar from Wadala in Mumbai. Apart from this, buses also left for states like Jharkhand and Bihar. Sonu has personally arranged for these migrants as well as giving them food kits.

Singam Ajay Devgan tweeted and praised Sonu Sood. Actually, Bollywood actor Sonu Sood, who has become a villain in most of his films, has become a superhero for the people of the country at this time. Regarding Sonu, every diaspora has hoped that only Sonu is the listener.

Sonu Sood is busy sending migrant laborers trapped in Mumbai and for this he is making arrangements for buses from food to food for different states. In such a situation, Ajay Devgan praised Sonu and said that the sensitive work you are doing to send migrant laborers to safe house is an example. May you have more courage, Sonu. ‘

Tell that in praise of Kisonu Sood, ‘Singham’ actor Ajay Devgan’s tweet is very much liked by people and retweeting fiercely. However, some people told Ajay Devgan that people too have high hopes from you, while some are saying that you too can become a real life Singham Sir, try once. One user said, ‘Our Singham Sahab only lives for himself, but not Sonu Sood. Now find out who is the real Singham.’


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